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Oh hiiiiiii

Welcome to my blog, it's an experience around here and has been for over four years. This year my blog saw a face lift with a new URL and layout to match that I'm really super proud of.

I've always loved Journalism, writing, and talking ever since I was in high school (more the Journalism part). This passion led me to starting my blog and also the desire to buy makeup and write about it. I ended up putting my thoughts into a lot of things and wanted to share them with you, hoping you find some humor or advice in my posts.

This year, 2018 to be exact, I hope to grow and expand this blog even more and truly be proud of the content I create. Any and every comment or compliment I get on it makes me so happy...like I burst into confetti at any praise really.

Also, I'm 24. I work at Sephora and Madewell. I finished my first phase of college this past December with an Associates degree and now I go to College of Charleston where I'll get my Bachelor's in Communications. I love skincare, makeup, music, and drinking coffee. Like a lot of coffee. I blame this on watching so much Gilmore Girls growing up.

Hopefully you enjoy everything you read or like on my Instagram. Talk to me anytime or send any and all questions my way...comment on the blog or message me on Insta and I promise I'll answer.

That's all for now! Enjoy!


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