Charlotte Tilbury

Friday, July 27, 2018

Honestly this should be a post that I was able to crank out in five seconds because of how much I love and live for Charlotte Tilbury and everything she does. But instead, it’s taken entirely too long because how do you sum up some of your favorite makeup items of all time in one blog post? Well, let’s find out how I do such a

Thoughts on Cream Highlighters

Friday, July 20, 2018

Truthfully, I’m not usually the cream highlighter kind of gal. Cream highlighters usually leave a more subtle, healthy glow and I go more for that glowing goddess kind of glow that you admire from afar. But I don’t mean that obnoxious beam of light that still blinds me on Instagram makeup artists (*insert air quotes here*). Even though creams aren’t my first pick for a highlighter, I still own some!

Prepare yourself to read the words 'glow' and 'light' fifty times.

Thoughts on Sleeping Masks

Friday, July 6, 2018

Between cracking out my dry humor regularly, hitting up Starbucks every day, and my two jobs, I do find time to pop a face mask on and scroll through Instagram. Sometimes though, I get tired but I still want to mask. What’s a girl to do?

Answer? A sleeping mask. It remains one of those objects where customers still scratch their heads when I mention it because they can’t wrap their minds around the concept. Yes, it’s a mask you can wear to sleep. They’re usually pillow proof too, so no mask goop will end up all over your precious pillow(s).

They’re a great concept for those who have busy lives, may not have the time, or need quick fixes overnight. Here are just a few faves of mine…
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