*Spritz, Spritz* Set!

Friday, September 28, 2018

Setting sprays, one of the makeup products where people squint their eyes out of speculation and ask the thought-provoking question: ‘Do they really work?’

Well, in my humble and biased opinion, yes they do.

Are Sheet Masks...Over?

Sunday, September 16, 2018

When Into the Gloss first posted the Open Thread asking ‘Are Face Masks...Over?’ my heart stopped and suddenly I had a panicked thought, “No! Not in my house! Am I doing something wrong?’ Apparently, I wasn’t alone because they followed up with a closed thread (I guess) sharing the Into the Gloss’ readers thoughts, views, and uses of face masks. People rejoiced in their use of face masks...down to the wash off ones, sheet maks, and even the underrated, sleeping mask. I love face masks, they take up the most room under my sink (because I don’t have a top shelf like everyone else), and I yammer on about them here and here. But a sheet mask....not my cup of tea. I love an iced coffee thanks, just like I love an apply and wash off face mask.
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