Cracking Concealing

Saturday, August 27, 2016

True story, I didn't start wearing concealer until, like, last year. I just went along in life with primer and foundation keeping my face together. Concealer was just another area of makeup that I hadn't explored. I first purchased the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer...and I forgot about it. Mostly because I was clueless about to blend it in and make everything look smooth. So I continued on in my concealer-less world and my spots and discoloration were probably more noticeable than they are now. But at last, after all this time, I think I have it figured out. I mean, at least I have one thing figured out at twenty two years old.

I Don't Know About You...

Birthdays are my favorite thing, after Christmas of course. However, this year, I had to deal with the fact that yes, I was no longer twenty one. I moved on to the third year of being in my twenties (that doesn't sound right but you can count on your fingers like I did). Thanks to Taylor Swift, everyone felt the need to sing '22' to me at any possible moment (Taylor please don't sue me for talking about your song, I'm just a young twenty two year old). I really don't know how that's happened and I certainly don't feel twenty two, but does anyone ever really feel their age? I don't know myself and I'm still figuring it out as I go.

Made in the M.W.

So you might have been wondering where I've been for the past....well four months now. It's been pretty quiet around here and that's mostly because I was off in the mountains, cut off from all social interaction like my phone, Snapchat, and even Instagram. All I had were eight computers from like, circa 2007 with the slowest internet around. Why was I in the mountains? No, I didn't join a cult for three months. I was a counselor at a camp I used to attend back in the day (you know, when I was 8 until I was 16). Camp in a way, is like a cult, but the kind where you fall in love with waking up every morning under Old Bald, singing semi-morbid songs about a girl going down the bathtub drain, and staining your skin green from Color Tag. But it's the best way to spend your summer and the people you're with make it even better.
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