Chanel Bronzing Base

Thursday, July 24, 2014

I've just started to learn how important and necessary bronzer is in my daily makeup routine. It can light up your whole face and give you a hint of tan with just one swipe of your brush. If you're like me and want to try avoiding buying a summer shade of foundation, bronzer is a great way to try and match your body's natural tan during the summertime. I first read about one particular Chanel bronzer on another blog, so while I was at the local Chanelcounter, I asked them to try it out on me. As was expected, I fell in love with the product and bought it right on the spot. 

They applied it with a stippling brush - I loved the way the product went on and how it felt on my skin, so I bought one of those as well (it was a Real Techniques brush, if you were curious). I've had the bronzer for a little over a week now and I'm very happy with it. 

As you can see, It's very concentrated within the packaging so you really don't need too much on your brush when you go to apply it. A little does go a long way, and too much makes you look like you've consumed too many carrots (I joke). 

The packaging is so nice and it is a large compact. The girls at the Chanel counter even said that it will last me until last summer and I have to say I agree. 

It also smells really lovely and is more like a solid rather than a powder. This bronzer is one of the most unique products I've seen. 

Have you ever used this product? Or what is your go to bronzer? Comment below and thanks for reading. xx

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