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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Everyone has that one thing they love to do in their downtime. Mine happens to be painting my nails, which I end up doing pretty much all the time. Taking care of my nails is important, too; no one likes yellow residue from their favorite buttercup yellow polish, do they? I sure don’t. Sephora came out with its own nail range last year called Formula X. Along with a ton of polish color options, they have a nail care system. This three-step system is a routine of mine before putting the actual color on my nails.

Cleanse, Prime, and Shine are the three necessary products to achieve that long lasting chip-free shine on your nails. Cleanse cleans away any residue left over from past nail polish or even nail polish remover. I like how it makes my nail beds feel refreshed and able to breathe. Prime preps the nails by giving it a smooth adhesive surface to help polish hold. I like this primer more than Essie’s because I feel like it’s lighter and goes on easily. Once the nail color is applied, Shine comes in as the last step to seal in color. This product is lightweight as well and doesn’t cause the bubble affect that I can sometimes get after having a topcoat for too long. I recently received a compliment on my nails: this person said they looked so good and clean, almost like a gel manicure. I told her that it was just from using Sephora’s system and she was so surprised.

At the price of $32.00, you receive all three products and any color nail polish of your choice from the Formula X line. I bought Obsessed, a beautiful deep merlot perfect for these Autumn/Winter months. The system is available in store and online and so worth trying out.

As of today I am off to Orlando Florida to hang out at Universal Studios and see One Direction perform on Monday on the Today Show for their fourth album release of Four. Keep your eyes out for posts this coming week and next all about my trip! Expect some new make up bits in some posts! x

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