The Pint Sized Purse for 2015

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

All my life I’ve been obsessed with small things. Whether it is a small bottle of something I have a regular size in, a dollhouse (a complete small-scale version of a house! For dolls! Amazing! Tiny architecture!), or just anything in a small or miniature size, I’m in love. For the New Year, I’ve purchased a new “tiny” purse from Rebecca Minkoff. Ever since it arrived, I’ve dubbed it ‘my tiny purse’ to anyone who will listen, especially since I was using quite a large Tory Burch before.
I definitely stepped out of my comfort zone with this purchase. I ordered the Mini MAB tote in Soft Blue, which is a powder blue color that will work all the way through spring and summer. I’m a girl who loves black and all surrounding neutrals so this was quite different than something I’d normally pick up. I’ve quickly grown to love this color, however, especially when it pops against my frequent all black outfits.

It has a small handle then a longer strap that I usually wear on my shoulder, the bag ending by my thigh. The leather material is really nice quality and helps the bag be quite structured. It reminds me of a Celine Nano but I like the simplicity of the Rebecca Minkoff loads more.

I’m able to get quite a lot inside actually. I can fit my small zippered wallet, Ray Bans sunglass case, a mini hand lotion, my chapstick, phone, headphones and other bits and bobs that get tossed in. It’ll even hold a normal sized water bottle if you don’t snap the strap inside so it’s closed.

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