On The Road Again

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A fitting title to a tour, if any. One Direction has been on the road for the past five years and I've followed along for over three of them. At the beginning of August, my best friend, her little sister, and I hopped on the road again to go see the boys in Baltimore, the most southeastern date on the North American leg. This show was going to be something new for us to experience since the band had gone from five to four members, as I'm sure you already knew. With this concert as my first stadium show, One Direction did not disappoint (again).

Wearing Topshop Joni jeans, striped Zara tee, and Adidas Superstars, I was ready to go all out among thousands of other fans, dads, and friends. I also went for more of heavier look with my makeup, opting for my Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita quad and my Chanel Les Beiges for my face. The weather was perfect for the night, and after being late as usual to stage, the boys came out and mass hysteria spread like normal. This wasn't Amina and I's first One Direction concert, and while we were thrilled to hear songs off 'Four' and their new single, 'Drag Me Down', we looked more towards the interactions between Liam, Louis, Niall and Harry.

They were just like themselves, interacting and messing around through the whole show. Niall and Harry came to our side of the stage the most, Niall's guitar living around his neck and Harry's long hair swishing around as Harry ran about on stage like a child high on candy. Liam and Louis were up to no good as the dynamic duo, Louis even soaked Liam with water bottles as Liam continued to sing his lines effortlessly.

Speaking of Liam, my favorite of the foursome, he was the one I watched when I wasn't watching the other three and what they got up to. Liam had the audacity to come out on stage in a plaid shirt half buttoned and sporting a curly mohawk of sorts. Naturally a chorus of screaming broke out and never stopped really. That was one high point of the show, and of many.

The boys of course filled in places where Zayn's voice added to the perfect harmony of their songs and they were awesome. Niall took Zayn's lines in 'Where Do Broken Hearts Go' and Liam took over in 'You & I' showing off his wide vocal range and making me enjoy the song more than I usually do.

I left the show with my best friend emotional and physically exhausted. The camaraderie was still there and stronger than ever, Harry's terrible jokes still live on, and Liam and Louis live in their own world when Liam's not catering to Harry, Niall, and the crowd at the same time. With 'Drag Me Down' still on the charts and OTRA behind me, I know One Direction will continue to succeed even without one of their brothers by their side. I'll still be here, ready to follow them because I love myself but I love One Direction more.

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