September Favorites

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Ah, at last, September is over and I can get more excited about fall. Okay, well, just the temperature not being above 90 anymore. It's not sweater weather yet *sigh* but I'm making do with what I have, which is watching Hocus Pocus on repeat and staring at my calendar wishing it said 'December.' I also might have just gotten up to change my calendar over to October. I had a lot of downtime last month which gave me a chance to discover new things from makeup, television, and music.

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara - I could sit here all day praising this mascara but I'll keep it simple for once. This mascara does it all: volumizes, plumps, lengthens, and delivers the blackest pigment around. I love this for full, fat lashes that are really noticeable.

Autumn/Matte Eyes- Last month I finally picked up Chanel's Autumn red eyeshadow quad (read about it here), which is amazing, and dabbled in more warm orange/brown tones on my eyes. Which also brings me to turning to a more matte eye. Nothing looks better to me at the moment than an warm brown toned eye without the shimmer for once. It just looks pulled together and simple for every day, and I'm really proud of it.

Smashbox Miss Conduct liquid lipstick- I've never needed a lipstick in my life more than I need this one. It's a beautiful dark red that just says 'Notice Me' and has that great all day wear that doesn't require many touch ups. The formulation isn't drying like Anastasia or Kat Von D, which is good if you forget to moisturize your lips sometimes. Once I get my hands on my own, I'll probably wear it on the days I'm feeling bold.

Brooklyn 99- Thank you Hulu for finally showing me the light that is this show about a team of detectives that get up to more than busting crimes. Andy Samberg stars in it and brings his talent that started on SNL to this hilarious and dry show that I binge-watched all month. It's a mindless comedy that makes time pass quickly.

Very British Problems- A newly discovered program on Netflix where famous British personalities sit around and harp on about the different social aspects and difficulties they face on a day to day basis. I related to this more than I probably should, and I'm not even British.

Zara Larsson, 'Ain't My Fault'- First of all, 'Lush Life' was my jam of the summer and now that she's got another single out, I'm buzzing. This fast paced tune really gives me the pep in my step as I walk to work. She's also British, young, and amazing. Find it on Spotify, you won't regret it.

Niall Horan, 'This Town'- Yes this song came out two days ago, I own a calendar. Do I care? No. Do I love it? Yes. Niall is just one of my metaphorical sons from One Direction but he's blessed the public with his beautiful voice that makes me feel like I'm bundled up in a cozy sweater with a latte in my hands. Pumpkin Spice if you're really festive, Vanilla if you keep it real like me. I always forget, every year, how talented One Direction is and how wonderful their voices sound on new songs. Niall is brilliant in this one, again, find it on Spotify (or wherever you listen to music).

Fresh Skincare- Everything Fresh makes is amazing. All of their products are natural and feel great on my skin. The Umbrian Clay collection is perfect for my oily combination skin. The Black Tea Overnight Firming Mask is worth the Treat Yoself mentality, your skin will thank you later.

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