On the Rocks (Please!)

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Aside from trying to find the perfect pair of Chelsea boots (Size 11 in black, please), I'm always looking for the best shampoo to keep my fine and oily hair clean for more than one day. Drybar helped me find the best dry shampoo to fake my clean hair days. They did it again with their new On the Rocks Clarifying Charcoal shampoo that actually keeps my hair cleaner for at least two to three days.

Drybar could sell their products just by the names of their products and how cute everything is. I'm all about some visual marketing and aesthetics around here.
On the Rocks is one of those cool and innovative shampoos for hair that faces a lot of product build up, dirt, and whatever you name it. I didn't think it would apply to me because I don't use any product in my hair or have any issues...except for the oiliness plaguing my strands. Lol life is great.

But God bless for Sephora dot com because I checked out the reviews after reading about the shampoo and the consesus from my like-minded beauty gurus and consumers recommended this unique concoction for those with oily hair that have to wash every day. They claimed it helps keep hair clean for a prolonged amount of time, cutting out excess amounts of dry shampoo used.

So I gave it a go and I thoroughly recommend it too. I've used it twice now with two days of unwashed hair between each usage. First, the shampoo lathers up to my usual standards (if it doesn't lather, I don't feel clean, soz). It washes out easily and leaves my hair feeling clean and smooth afterwards. Once I dried it with my hair dryer, my hair is ultra-soft and squeaky clean. I probably shouldn't force my hair to be so clean but after living with oily, greasy strands since I was a kid, the cleaner the better these days.

Drybar gets five stars from me and my clean hair. Cheers!

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