I'm the One: A Micellar Water Guide

Friday, February 2, 2018

Prepare yourself as I try to sound super scientific when science is definitely not my strength and never will be. Micellar waters still baffle minds in terms of what they really are and how they work. According to Garnier, they claim micelles act like magnets to cleanse all traces of dirt, makeup and other impurities from the skin. In my not so scientific opinion, I would assume micelles are little molecules suspended in a water solution that attract dirt particles and reveal clean, soft skin. Wow, someone get me a PhD so I can add ‘Doctor’ to my name. 

I like using micellar waters as the first step in my double cleanse, especially on my eyes. For my first step I’ve been alternating between a Lancome Honey cleanser, Origins Original Skin Jelly, or Soap & Glory cleansing milk. But none of these need to go near my eyes so I opt for a micellar water to take off the five pounds of mascara that I love to wear like, every day. But if you don’t wear as much makeup as me and prefer a simplified makeup remover, have no fear, your perfect micellar water is here!

If you ever had a mom that loved Lancome and always seemed to have copious amounts of that blue dual-phase make up remover, then you know what I’m referring to. I thought this micellar water was going to leave the same greasy feeling the Bi-Facil did but I was pleasantly surprised when I used it. 

It can be a makeup remover and cleanser but I used it just to remove my eye makeup. It’s safe on eyes (duh) and super gentle when it comes to pulling away all traces of makeup. I’d give it a shake, pour some on a cotton round (especially on the soft side), hold for 30 seconds, and then work it all over my eye. I usually need one cotton round per eye to really get everything off. I really loved it but it’s on the higher end at $40 which got a big ‘new choice’ from me when I finished off my bottle. 

If you’ve ever owned a TV (or had a Hulu subscription) you’ve probably heard the ad for Garnier’s micellar water. Hopefully you’re hearing the jingle in your head now too. Anyways, this is way more budget friendly and just as gentle and effective at removing my eye makeup. It gets everything off, including my heavy mascara, easily on two cotton rounds and leaves my skin soft and not irritated. I’d definitely repurchase this once I run out. 

Caudalie can never do anything wrong in my eyes...except make a micellar water that’s gentle enough on eyes. This is the perfect micellar water to remove makeup and soften skin. However, I didn’t enjoy it near my eyes since it left behind a slight burning irritated feel. I like the pump on this one too which gives me more control when it comes to dispensing the product. Basically, it’s a great gentle cleanser to remove makeup, dirt, and impurities, just not eye makeup. 
I’ll be continuing my double cleanse since I gave up using makeup wipes last year. I pull out the wipes sometimes to erase makeup errors or even when I’m too tired to do my beloved double cleanse. I feel like micellar waters are better for your skin too. It Cosmetics has a multi-use one now, Sephora Collection’s is totally underrated and amazing, and Bioderma gets a lot of love and can be purchased on Amazon!!

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