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Friday, May 11, 2018

I’m all for a cheeky comment...or two. I live for the dry, funny moments where everyone pauses before they actually get my jokes that I supply on the daily. I also like to be overwhelmed with emotions whenever anyone compliments me ever. 

You can only imagine how excited I was when I discovered Frank Body and their catchy, tongue-in-cheek slogans on their natural, skin loving products. Everything they make is based around the most natural of ingredients, specifically coffee. Enter my caffeine addiction. Now I can put it on my face too? Sold. I’ve known about the Australian based company for a while since my friend tried it but I never around to trying it myself until a few months ago. 

Well, you could say we’re getting on really well.

Creamy Face Cleanser

Originally I bought this cleanser in a set with the Everyday Face Moisturizer off Poshmark. 
Cleansers are my favorite part of my skincare routine so I’m always happy to try a new one. I approach them with the same enthusiasm as mascaras. They’d probably be one of the items I’d bring to a deserted island with me. 

What makes this cleanser special are the base ingredients of Charcoal and Arabica Coffee Seed Extract. They helps detoxify and cleanse the skin gently without over drying or leaving traces of impurities on the surface. This honestly isn’t my favorite cleanser. It feels more like a no lather cleanser that one of my other ones. It feels gentle on my skin without drying or leaving leftover film. It might not be my favorite, but I do use it pretty regularly. 

I’d say if you’re oily, this would be great daily cleanser. For the dry skin types out there, it could be a more intense weekly cleanser, just make sure to moisturize afterwards. 

Glow Mask 

You know that friend you have that really listens to you and documents little things like when you say you want something. Why? Because that attentiveness might result in a thoughtful Christmas present that causes happy tears and the urge to fight your friend. Or maybe it’s just me. I also love to give! So now, I’ll give my two cents about this mask given to me for Christmas by my beautiful, genuine, and sincere friend and amazing blogger, Francesca

Behind cleansers, I love masks. They have their own section under my sink in my satellite skincare warehouse, or whatever my mom calls it now. She probably chuckled reading this while dialing the Hoarders hotline. Whatever. 

This mask boasts glowing skin for days in a quick pinch. It gives life back into dull, tired skin from Arabica Coffee Seed Oil, Shea & Cocoa Butters, and other fruit extracts. It’s ultra hydrating and energizing, like the ultimate hangover cure for skin. The texture wasn’t at all what I expected when I uncovered the off white, slightly grey thick goodness inside. It goes on smoothly, relieving skin almost right away and restoring a natural, well rested glow after removal. I don’t experience dullness or stressed out skin often but I really enjoy using this mask when I want to change things up or use it in a multi mask session. Aaaahhh.

Everyday Face Moisturizer

The other half of my Poshmark set and the one I was the most wary of. I’m sure it’s a nice moisturizer for dry babes but when something feels too thick for my oily-prone skin, I reach for a water cream or gel instead. It has Arabica Coffee Seed Oil once again backed up by Shea and Cocoa butter, which makes me believe it’s too heavy for me. 

It’s more of a night moisturizer for my face even though Frank Body promotes it not weighing down skin or causing makeup to slide off. I don’t get much use out of it because of aforementioned reasons (oily skin) but it looks nice under my sink. 

Creamy Face Scrub

The first time I used this scrub I was like, whoa. This stuff wasn’t messing around when I started rubbing it into my skin. It’s a super physical scrub thanks to the blend of coffee grounds inside and upon exfoliation I turned bright red like a strawberry. This wasn’t alarming or anything because my skin can experience surface redness when I move it too much. 

I really like that this scrub also has white clay and rose hip oil to detoxify and brighten all in one go. Kate Somerville’s ExfoliKate is my favorite enzymatic scrub but this one from Frank Body is tops the physical category in exfoliators. I don’t recommend if you’re sensitive or a straight up weenie who can’t take tough exfoliation. Weenie Hut Jr’s is that way. 

I’m pleased as punch (or a nice iced coffee) with Frank Body’s products. They all come from Australia, are tested on the creators themselves, and are naturally sourced and made in its home country down under. Especially after using the face scrub, I can only imagine how the body scrub is in the shower. 

P.S. My local Ulta is starting to sell Frank Body in store (!!)...which is how I ended up impulsively buying the face scrub...but the Coconut Body Balm is next on my list. I tried it in London and I fell in LOVE. Ok, that’s all, happy scrubbing!

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