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Friday, November 9, 2018

Sometimes it crosses my mind what a big, wide world of skincare that we live in. I work in one of the biggest hubs of skincare that unveils the newest and innovative skincare products that I love to keep up with. Are you tired after reading that sentence? Me too.

One of the integral parts of my job is really pinning down how someone’s skin functions from sunup to sundown. Just like the pasta wall at Harris Teeter, the options are endless when it comes to skincare products, even down to moisturizers! Hence why I ask 83453 questions whenever I help someone.

All my life I’ve had oily skin. Rarely to I cross into the world of dryness *shudders* where I need to soak up all the hydration I can. Nope, I sit over there with the bacon grease faces and shiny noses. If you just nodded, then you’re one of those too.

One of the hands down best mattifying and oil controlling moisturizers out there is from Origins. Holy guacamole, hold onto your bacon because this one from the Original Skin line makes oil obsolete on that pretty complexion of yours. Thanks to Willowherb, a natural salicylic acid, your left with a smooth, shine-free face that could conquer worlds! Amazing!

It can be alot for those who delve more into Combination Skin land, even I found it a bit much for me. But I’ve gotten my oil production under control so it’s concentrated to my nose (still not a positive here) so I’m weary of this for myself. But for one of my close friends, who swear she’s the oiliest human being in the world, she loves this stuff. Her skin drinks it up and leaves her without a trace of grease.

Origins revamped and expanded their Original Skin line around the time the moisturizer made its debut into Sephora with a cleansing gel, toner, serum, mask, and even a pore refining primer (!!). I’ve tried everything except for the toner, but I’m sure its fab. The cleansing gel was amazing, 10/10 would recommend. I don’t remember the serum doing anything but the scent inside would be enough to keep me happy. Same for the mask, I don’t notice any difference on this porous, textured face of mine. But hey, maybe they’re both the bee's knees to someone.

The real star here in my world is the Pore Perfecting Cooling Primer. The packaging is super innovative to go along with the goodness inside. The mousse texture makes the difference to help smooth and erase the look of pores and other texture. It’s the one primer that I feel like actually works on my large pores. Through a lot of trial and error, I finally perfected how I make it work. I’ll spread a pea-size amount on each cheek where my pores are the worst, smooth it in, wait a couple seconds or so, and then take my index finger and smooth it in from there. My pores are my biggest issue to I’ll try anything to make them be less noticable.

Origins did it right with this whole line, especially with Willowherb, a natural salicylic acid, at the center of each product. I love the scent too along with these great products! Have you tried anything from the Original Skin line?

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