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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

I love eyeliner, really I do. I can't go without it even though I'm sure my eyes would still look fine with all the mascara I wear (I really love mascara). For over two, probably three, years I've sworn by the Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner because it literally has no flaws at all. Except for maybe the packaging rubs off on the outside from excessive use...but that doesn't affect the magic on the inside. Stila has been my go-to even when I went through the Benefit They're Real eyeliner stint, I tried really hard to like that one. Recently I decided to finally try the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner after my friend who works at Sephora raved about how great it was. She was the icing on the cake of my decision to buy. Along with Kat Von D, I decided to buy a drugstore eyeliner. I know, me buying a drugstore eyeliner? Yeah calm down and listen to me talk about it instead. 

What made me first fall in love with the Stila pen was how precise and thin the tip was, almost like a pen that glides smoothly along my lash line and I only go a little rouge occasionally when I have a shaky hand. It has more of a soft sponge flexible tip that can either be applied super thin or turned on an angle to create a thicker line. Along with the flexible tip, it stays all day, which is great when I sometimes work eight hour days then still have my makeup on for another four hours afterwards. I think I'm on my third one of these? I'm not really sure but like I said, it lasts me a really long time even if I use it every day. 

Kat Von D really switched things up for me when I first used it after my long love affair with Stila. The Tattoo Liner has more of a rubber tip which just baffles me. I'm not sure how the eyeliner comes out of it but I just apply it and go with it. It is really black and matte, the quality is right up there with the Stila pen. With the Tattoo Liner I sometimes feel like it drags a bit when I apply it but once it's done, it's there to stay. 

Lastly, here we are with the drugstore purchase. I'm just as surprised as you since this is something I don't typically do. But I remembered this one after my continuous Sephora visits and I just needed to buy one more thing didn't I? I mean, at least this didn't come from Sephora. I first saw Zoella use this eyeliner since she's better about using drugstore makeup than I am, so my curiosity was peaked and I went on an adventure at Ulta to find it. It's officially called L'Oréal Infallible the Super Slim liquid eyeliner and it really is true to its name. The tip of this one feels more like a felt-tip and reminds me of the Stila liner except that the L'Oréal one is longer for whatever reason. It glides on really easily and stays all day too but there's something about it that doesn't wow me like the Stila or Kat Von D ones do. I would say if you're trying to stay on budget, go for this L'Oréal one as more of a dupe for the two mentioned above. 

Stila will always be my one true love in the eyeliner department. It's just what I swear by time and time again. My only issue I ever have though with my eyeliner is sometimes it seems like my mascara eats it away after I'm done applying my mascara. It's almost like the line I've just applied has disappeared in certain parts but maybe it's just me who notices it. 

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