Victoria's Secret Body Care: Rose and Bergamot

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Victoria's Secret has been going strong since last August with their new patented body care line that's unlike anything they've ever sold. Well, they did have a line very similar to this one but that was before my time so I'm pretending like this is something completely new. They started with four scents in the beginning and I tested out Coconut Milk and Shea first, which are still available but things have  gotten even bigger with the addition of Bergamot this spring and Rose this late spring/early summer. When I unboxed these, it was like the Gods of body care were calling to me.

First of all, I love citrus. I love to eat the multiple fruits in the citrus family, citrus related items, and of course, citrus scented products. Bergamot is part of Victoria's Secret's collection for the spring with Citrus and they added it into their body care line about a month ago. It's got the same four step system that was introduced ages ago: Scrub, Cream Wash, Lotion, and Oil.

The Rose collection isn't out yet in stores but it has the same four step system as mentioned above. It has the rose colored bow where the Bergamot as a cheery yellow bow. While Rose can be heavily scented just because of it's natural properties, this rose is more subtle and doesn't remind you so much of your grandmother's garden. You get what I'm saying here. However, I'm obsessed with this rose scent. I love a good floral note that doesn't smell too fabricated or like everything else.

For both of these collections, I picked up the Cream Wash and the Body Lotion like I normally do. I have enough scrubs currently that I don't need them and I'm not super crazy about using an oil on my skin. Even though the Body Oil is really nice and smooth, and it doesn't leave your skin looking like you're going to a photoshoot in Hawaii (sorry if you wanted that).

My favorite thing about the Cream Wash is how concentrated it is. I don't need to use a lot to get a good lather on my loofa, about a quarter size is just enough. It quickly lathers up and I can call it a day there. I've also used the Shea to clean my makeup brushed on multiple occasions and it helps clean them from my daily usage and leaves them soft.

Now with the Body Lotion, I would really like to tell you that I religiously follow up with it after my showers, but I don't. I'm really lazy and sometimes I put lotion on my legs, etc. when I need to. But when I do feel like my skin needs that little extra boost of moisture, I reach for one of these (when I'm not using my Soap & Glory Body Buttercream). This lotion truly leaves your skin feeling soft and lightly scented so you can still wear your perfume over it.

I swear by the Cream Wash and Body Lotion, but there's a new addition for summer with the Rose Collection. Victoria's Secret have formulated a more intense scrub called the Exfoliating Body Polish.
With the help of fine sugar crystals, this thick grainy scrub is for the tougher areas on skin like elbows, knees, and heels. It's the more ideal option for tanning and getting everything smooth before sitting out in the sun for a few hours. While it doesn't look like it's available online yet, it is in stores.

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