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Saturday, July 15, 2017

I flippin' love skincare. I almost love talking about it a tiny bit more than I do about makeup. The skincare world is just fascinating with different brands and how they take various ingredients from plants to superfoods to elements straight from the periodic table (looking at you, Sulfur). Maybe my Chemistry teacher should have taught me using skincare...because then I might have ended up with a better grade. If you want to hear me passionately go on about what I use on my face every day, twice a day, proceed with enthusiasm. 

I'm a creature of habit and also love when a product actually works consistently. Too often consumers are seeking the next best thing for their face and when it doesn't work in twenty four hours, they give up. Skincare is about patience, first of all. No one developed dark spots or wrinkles over night, they happened gradually, so they have to be subtracted gradually too. Anyways, this is my third bottle of Kiehl's Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash. I keep trying other face washes here and there but something about this one keeps calling to me. I love how much it lathers up on my face so I actually feel like it's cleaning my skin. I'm easy to please when I see suds, don't judge me. It also makes my skin feel clean and not at all tight when I'm done. 

This past month I've reworked Sunday Riley's Martian Water-Gel Toner back into my routine. I stopped for a while because I wanted to see if it made a difference and honestly I don't think so. But maybe below the surface it helps because toner's are a great addition, especially for Oily-combo people like myself. I really pat and massage it in an upward motion, focusing where my pores are the largest on my cheeks. 

Staying with Sunday Riley, I took her U.F.O oil with me when I was working at my summer camp last month to help keep my oil under control whilst in the mountains. Since I've come home, I continued to use it and I feel like it's really helped clear my skin up for any little breakouts and kept it clear. It smells highly of plants but that's probably thanks to the tea tree oil that's makes up just a smidgen of all the goodness in this bottle. This is definitely a product that needs about two weeks to truly make a difference, even if you only use it at night like I do. 

Hydration wise, one of the most important steps, I enjoy using Ole Henriksen's Counter Balance Oil Control Hydrator because it's lightweight on my skin and mattifies everything. One of the biggest perks of this product, besides it's super cool Green Fusion Complex and use of some AHAs, it extends foundation wear up to 8 hours. It smells heavenly and keeps my skin under control throughout the day. At night I still love another one of Sunday Riley's products. Tidal is a water cream that's hydrating and brightening with hyaluronic acid and papaya enzymes. It's super hydrating without ever being too heavy on skin. It's great for those with oily skin. 

Ask me about skincare any day and my eyes will probably light up and I'll give you twenty questions to answer. Other products I love: Boscia Luminizing Black Mask , Ole Henriksen's Pore-Balance Facial Sauna Scrub  , and Caudalie's face masks

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