Dry Shampoo Figured Out

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Oh dry shampoo, you amazing and interesting product. Thank you for making my fine, needs-to-be-washed-every-day hair actually feel clean without the need for actual shampoo. I'll be honest, I didn't have a clue of how to properly use dry shampoo when I first came in contact with it about six years ago. I was like dry shampoo??? Literal question mark? Fear not, Hannah of the past, I found the dry shampoo perfect for myself and now I'm here to share. 

A while ago, I was determined to find a dry shampoo I got on with. I tried the Bumble and Bumble Pret-a-Powder for a while and I wasn't fussed with the squeezing of the bottle and powder hitting me in the head and settling like light snow in The Wizard of Oz. At least this dry shampoo didn't put me to sleep in a field of poppies. So I moved on, gave Living Proof's a go maybe once or twice, and that was that. Jen Atkin, founder of Ouai, came out with a foam and regular dry shampoo too, which I wasn't impressed with either. I'll stick to following Jen on Instagram. 

At last, I gave Drybar's Detox a chance. I don't remember how or why but I knew my life and my hair had been changed after I sprayed this magic at the base of my roots near my ears and my part. It's really lightweight and very fragrant, which I know can put some people off but I don't care. After I spray it in those areas, where the most oil pops up the quickest, I run my fingers through my hair, really working it in until my hair feels soft and clean again. I can really tell a difference between stiff and greasy and smooth and clean thanks to Detox. 

There must have been something in the trends after Ouai did the foam version of the dry shampoo because DryBar followed closely behind with their take on their Detox dry shampoo in the Whipped version. The packaging and nozzle alone would tempt anyone because of the cuteness, even me. But the product itself? Disappointment. 

I so badly wanted to love this. I tried it at least three separate times and I still found myself liking the original better. With the Whipped formula, a little bit really goes a long way but I found when I work my fingers through my hair in my normal manner, it doesn't clear away or give me the texture to my hair that I'm looking for. I feel like I can tell the product is there but my hair at least looks cleaner than when I woke up. On the last time I tried it, my hair looked greasy again by the end of the day. Gross. 

The Whipped version will continue to live under my sink, basking in the glow of it's older sister, the OG Detox. Which I need to replace after I ran out of my first can at camp. 

*Detox was purchased back in mid-April and ran out the beginning of August, if that helps!

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