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Friday, June 1, 2018

I didn’t even think about making a blog post about this mascara but once I started thinking about it and how much I use it, I realized it needed one. No, it deserved one. Mascara is truly my favorite makeup product. Like, going to a desert island and I can only bring three things...mascara is going to be one of them. Even if I won’t see myself, at least everyone else (assuming I’m not embarking to this island alone), will be jealous of my lashes. My best friend and I were talking the other day about how off we feel complexion wise without our lashes lifted to the heavens and coated in multiple black layers. It makes us not even feel like ourselves.

Switching topics, Milk Makeup is a super cool, young, and good for your skin brand. It’s truthfully a young brand because it’s only been around since 2015 and launched in Sephora in 2016 (!!). Everything that pops out of the Milk offices is cruelty free, vegan and you can bet full of amazing ingredients ranging from mango butter, avocado oil, and yes, now cannabis oil. It’s in their new mascara, aptly named Kush.

This thing is so highly searched and inquired about that Milk put a bloomin’ section in their FAQ about it (seriously, read it here). I thought it was gonna be a little ridic and overhyped where Milk was trying to be “edgy” by using cannabis oil...but apparently it’s really good for those good ol’ eyelashes.

Anyways, do more research if you like but basically, here’s my two cents...which is all that matters really here, right? Holy shit. That’s the only way I can describe this mascara. I already have relatively long lashes (#Blessed) but these babies don’t go up or curl on their own (#NotBlessed) so I need something to give me the Ultimate Drama All the Time. Milk did me RIGHT when I touched this soft wand (!!) to my lashes. It was the ultimate black, buildable formula that had my lashes curling up and out to the point where my mom glanced at me and straight up told me how long my lashes looked (she’s great at telling me how good my makeup looks usually anyways, love you Mom!!).

This mascara is the only one I have to use amongst my others that I layer together to meet my standards. It’s been a never fail go to in terms of the volume and curl but it can smudge depending what concealer I’m using that day and if I’m sweating at work. TMI? Soz, it’s just the facts.

After a small dissertation about one mascara, I can promise you that I will buy myself another tube of this once my first one bites the dust. Milk, you win this round.

Curious more about Milk? Check out this fab n' informative article here

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