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Friday, June 22, 2018

First came the Micellar water guide, now it’s time for chapstick. And lip balm. And lip masks. I’m really covering all the bases here...right down to what to put on your lips. Not only is it hard to find the perfect one, but let’s talk about trying not to lose them either. They disappear into the Land of Nothingness where all your hair ties, bobby pins, and socks go to die. Thankfully, I’m vigilant when it comes to keeping up with my various lip products so my lips don’t suffer. Prepare for yet another post where I overuse adjectives like ‘hydrating.’

Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment in Dream

I first tried the original Sugar chapstick and it lasted me over a year, even though I used it almost every day. Fresh have a huge selection of lip treatments, from clear to tinted, but realistically they’re just bonafide chapsticks with twist off tops. There’s nothing fancy except for the fact that Fresh uses sugar to help prevent moisture loss in the lips. The bonus is having a little color in whichever chapstick you choose.

I’ve been working my way through the Advanced Therapy for a few months now and for some reason it hasn’t lasted me as long as my first one. Dream is a light pink that doesn’t do anything for me except enhance my natural lip color, which is perfect for a chapstick in my book. I always use this before I apply any other lip color so my lips won’t be dry af and show it if I wear a matte lipstick.

Glossier Balm Dot Com

Glossier have made what is probably one of the most coveted lip balms on the market now. They claim it can also be a body salve but with it’s small size, it’s better just for the lips.

I own Birthday Cake, which has the tiniest amount of shimmer and tastes like birthdays of years past (or specifically Milk Bar’s cakes). I used it a lot when I first got it but now it currently lives on my bedside table for decoration. My reason for falling out of love with it? Not sure. It hydrates, lasts through the night if applied before bed, but there’s just something about it.

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

Oh boyyy, this little pink jar is one thing that won’t stay in stock at my job. Every week we sell out and I’m starting to go through the phase where I wonder, ‘Why is this so popular? What am I missing?’ I mean, first, it’s not just for bedtime. The lip mask is perfect at any time of day, it doesn’t make a difference.

The Laneige feels like a stickier lip balm but hydrates with a smooth, silky finish for long lasting hydration. A negative though, is the jar. I’m not a fan of sticking my fingers in something like this or spreading something on my lips. Especially if I apply this bedside, where do I wipe off the excess? I’m definitely not getting out of bed just to go wipe off my finger.

Clinique Pep-start Pout Restoring Night Mask

This little tube is an unsung hero from Clinique. I tried this on a whim one day at work and I was surprised by how much I liked it. Firstly, it’s a tube! A true tube that I can squeeze out the goodness inside and slather it on. Second, it’s not sticky like a lip gloss or thick like some chapsticks. It feels really lightweight and gives 4-5 hours lasting hydration. It’s another one of those that claims it’s used for nighttime but your lips don’t know what time it is.

French Girl Lip Polish

I’ve used a couple of lip scrubs from the Lush Bubblegum one to Fresh’s Sugar Lip Polish but it was love at first swipe from French Girl, a brand Madewell now carries as part of its adventure into skincare. I’d never used anything from the brand until this. It goes on grainy and loose but quickly turns into an oil with little gritty bits to help exfoliate.

You might be wondering why am I okay dipping my finger into a lip scrub but not a balm? Maybe because I have more control with this and I’m gonna tissue it off anyways. It’s super easy to use and results in soft, supple lips ready for chapstick or your fave lipstick.

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