*Spritz, Spritz* Set!

Friday, September 28, 2018

Setting sprays, one of the makeup products where people squint their eyes out of speculation and ask the thought-provoking question: ‘Do they really work?’

Well, in my humble and biased opinion, yes they do.

Knowing which one to buy and how to use it is key though! Sounds stupid but you wouldn’t believe how many people from influencers to my own coworkers don’t read instructions on how to use products. You wouldn’t just hop on a tractor and turn on the ignition or whatever it is you do to operate a tractor, would you?! The same should go for a setting spray!

Kat Von D was the first one I came in contact with and I’m pretty sure I looked at the bottle with an eyebrow raised. ‘Was this really gonna work?’ I asked myself. With a fresh underlying scent of cucumber that makes you feel lowkey like you stepped out of a spa where I imagine KVD herself stands with a lit candle and dressed in linen. It has this super fine, relaxing mist that adds to the spa-like feel. This may seem like a stupid thing to make note of but when you basically get shot in the face with a spray, it’s a little alarming. I love this one because it doesn’t make my skin oily or dry and really keeps everything looking fresh and locked in place (hence the name, lols).

On the more hydrating side, Too Faced first started with the Hangover primer with a coconut water base and probiotics. I loved it, I’ve used it ever since and I was over the moon when they released the matching setting spray last summer. Y’all, this is like coconut water in a bottle...you get the nutrients without drinking what I call ‘liquid suntan lotion.’ I love this on my face because it’s refreshing and keeps my makeup on, especially when I wear a more drying or matte foundation that can look a little chalky if I’m not careful.

Tarte is one of the biggest brands in makeup these days. They seem to have everything you could ever want with a really clean background if you’re into that sort of thing. If not, they just make some bangin’ products that I love. Naturally, they have their own setting spray(s) and out of the two, I have the Rainforest of the Sea one with that fun purple-blue packaging. It promotes being multi-functional but I just use it to set my face. Being more of a skincare product, it’s got amazing ingredients across the board from hydrating oils, algae, and marine flowers. Yum, I feel healthier already. It smells really nice and I find it to be a middle of the road mist that I can use with really any foundation. If you really need hydration or want that further skincare boost, go for this one.

Setting sprays keep it simple. They have amazing qualities within with great intentions to keep makeup on your face for hours. Sometimes powders can diminish any extra makeup you blended into your face, but a setting spray will just reinforce that contour you worked so hard to blend in. You can always powder where you need to and set the rest with a spray. I love the convenience of these, they all have good nozzles and last forever. I’ve only had to replace my KVD and Too Faced sprays once and I think that’s pretty darn great for longevity. Don’t ask me about Urban Decay All Nighter, everyone loves it but I naturally dislike cult products and also that stuff smells like Jaeger...and I don’t want to smell that everytime I set my face. No thanks.

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