Are Sheet Masks...Over?

Sunday, September 16, 2018

When Into the Gloss first posted the Open Thread asking ‘Are Face Masks...Over?’ my heart stopped and suddenly I had a panicked thought, “No! Not in my house! Am I doing something wrong?’ Apparently, I wasn’t alone because they followed up with a closed thread (I guess) sharing the Into the Gloss’ readers thoughts, views, and uses of face masks. People rejoiced in their use of face masks...down to the wash off ones, sheet maks, and even the underrated, sleeping mask. I love face masks, they take up the most room under my sink (because I don’t have a top shelf like everyone else), and I yammer on about them here and here. But a sheet mask....not my cup of tea. I love an iced coffee thanks, just like I love an apply and wash off face mask.

Regardless, I find myself with a borderline hoarding situation #UnderMySink with sheet masks. I keep them stockpiled mostly because they’re the ‘one and done’ of skincare. I pull apart multiple layers of film or whatever before I get to either some serum-infused linen, gel-substance, or ‘bio-cellulose’ texture which is what Sephora uses. Also, being me: a woman, a consumer, and skincare lover, I have multiple because a girl likes options with multiple intentions. GIVE ME ALL THE CHOICES. I’m rolling in consumerism here but I maintain my skeptical af personality at the same time.

Sheet masks are cool in my book. One of my friends literally called it ‘the lazy person’s way of doing a mask.’ She’s not wrong, they’re great if you’re tired but want to make an effort and maybe even relax. I love one after a wash off mask to boost my face back up and because maybe I want to look like some weird creature in the mirror.

My beef with sheet masks? THEY DON’T ALL FIT MY FACE. Good lord, nothing is more annoying than putting on a sheet mask made for someone with the tiniest, most close together eyes or the flattest nose ever. That’s my petty pet peeve. I know there’s gotta be a support group out there titled ‘Why Don’t All Sheet Masks Fit the Same?’ Call me, please.

With that, I love any of the 7 Wonders sheet masks from Anthropolgoie, Karuna’s are more linen to me (the exfoliating one is the BEST), and you can’t go wrong with any of Sephora Collection’s...I mean they only have around 10 or so to pick from. Glow Recipe’s is two pieces and really super annoying as it slid down my face the whole time and the bits overlapped. But one of my friends really, really loved it and said it was one of the most hydrating sheet masks she's ever used, so kudos to Glow Recipe. Glamglow’s is actually deep cleansing. It bubbles up to the point where you look like Santa Claus.

Contrary to Into the Gloss’ Open Thread, face masks aren’t over in my world. They still take up a majority of my skincare collection #UnderMySink. It’s a mask, mask, mask world, as seen here. Tell me your favorite face masks down below!!

Because you might be interested in regular masks and can't get enough of me not knowing when to shut up, take a peak at my past post about face!

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  1. I have so many sheet masks that I literally never use because I keep forgetting they exist, but I think this post is a good reminder that I need to get my butt into gear and make use of my basket of them!


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