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Monday, July 22, 2019

With four hours in New York City, I had to be strategic af when it came to having fun and getting where I wanted to go. Thank God for Fran, my tour guide and close friend for four years. This visit was also the first time Fran and I were meeting face to face (thank you Internet!!). I was truly blessed with Fran because she lives there and thankfully knows her way around the city. After walking through the rain, making it to the Glossier showroom, we moved on through the drizzle to oo35mm in Koreatown. It's a tiny and narrow shop filled with all sorts of beauty items and skincare, mostly Korean. K-Beauty has been on the rise for the past couple years and this store was everything I'd ever wanted.

I'd seen someone I followed on Instagram go to the store before so once I did my research, I popped oo35mm on my list for the day I made it to New York. The shop was small for sure but everything was arranged and organized which made it super easy to shop. There were brands I'd seen before or even carried in Sephora and there were others I wasn't familiar with. The organization made it a relaxing experience along with the fact there wasn't anyone in there.

Real Techniques, Corsx, and Laneige were some of the brands I recognized. I checked out Isntree as I'd heard about it before. Too Cool for School had their sheet masks in the shop, which I love. Even The Ordinary had two nice sized shelves! Most of that I could buy from Sephora or back home at Target so I passed on getting anything from them. The store did have the full size Laneige lip masks in Apple Lime and Grapefruit, which I found exciting 'cos Sephora doesn't carry those (yet hopefully).

What did I get you ask? A lot of sheet masks. At one point I think I blacked out and grabbed what looked good. I did pick up a Laneige lip mask for a friend and a tiny bottle of Bioderma to try. But sheet masks made up most of my basket. I got this Snail Bee sheet mask , I love myself sheet mask , Keep Cool and Ocean sheet mask , and two Isntree sheet masks that I can't find online but one is Lime and the other is Coconut. I haven't tried any of the sheet masks yet but rest assured there will be reviews on my Instagram and a photo of me probably wearing one.

I can't wait to go back to oo35mm and look at more of the skincare and probably restock on sheet masks! I still have my eye on some products and I didn't get them this time because I was flying, didn't want to be too weighed down with more products, and some items I wanted to do more research on.

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