Dry Shampoo Figured Out | Part 2

Friday, August 16, 2019

It's been almost two years since I wrote my original post on dry shampoo, my most read post to date, and now I'm back with an update. According to my Beauty Insider purchase history, I've purchased the OG Drybar Detox Shampoo EIGHT times since that original post. That's not too bad for almost two years. However, there's a new dry shampoo from Drybar that promises to clean with no white residue. But do I like it as much as I like the original???

I'm one of those people that washes her hair every other day because it's fine and gets oily easily. I'm also not one of those people that can use dry shampoo for three or more days without washing it. The sheer thought of not washing my hair grosses me out. So I use dry shampoo on the days I don't wash my hair.

I still love the original Detox because it makes my hair feel soft and clean...like my actual hair on a good day. I typically use it by my temples and towards the back for extra lift. I tried the Lush scent once and it wasn't for me. I still hate the foam version and you can't even find it in my store anymore so maybe Drybar got the message there.

What I love about Detox is how long it lasts. I usually get 2-3 months out of my bottle, which isn't too bad in my opinion because I don't use a lot of it. I don't recommend ever getting the tiny version because it just doesn't last!!

I was excited to try something new when Drybar came out with their Detox Clear because I thought, "Cool, a clear version of my favorite dry shampoo." What I failed to realize or see was that this dry shampoo is the lightest level of cleansing in the dry shampoo family from Drybar. So if you're the type that uses a little dry shampoo here and there or have really thin hair, maybe you'll get on with this. However, for me, my fine hair, and frequent usage, I zipped through this in a little over a month. Lame. But bad on my part because I didn't read that it wasn't heavy duty enough for me. Would I get it again? Probably not.

While OG Detox will always be my one and only, I have tried the Amika Perk Up dry shampoo here and there....and I'm not mad. It gave me that similiar 'feels like my hair' vibe and smells good too! Will I be swayed away from Detox? For now, no, but stay tuned for a potential part 3 blog post.

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