Too Faced Damn Girl

Friday, August 30, 2019

Too Faced keeps on doing the most and while I'm 100% okay with that usually, they've brought another mascara into the mix because why not when you have one of the best selling mascaras in the world thriving in the beauty world? With my mixed thoughts on a new mascara (that I didn't need), I figured it was apt to put it in a blog post.
I still remember my first tube of Better Than Sex. I bought it back in 2015 at Ulta after hearing about it somewhere in the Youtube world. I loved it and since then, I've watched it grow in popularity. It's even become the top selling SKU in across all Sephoras. Wild. Better Than Sex is still a great mascara, even though it's not my favorite anymore.

There must have been room for more since Too Faced debuted Damn Girl, their brand new mascara with the biggest wand I've ever seen and used in my life. It promises the same thickening, length, and volume like Better Than Sex but the power to hold a curl is what's really going on here. My lashes have never held a curl like this when I used this mascara.

I apply this mascara my usual way, but there's still some part of me that's apprehensive to use it because the wand is that big. It's absolutely massive. The upside of the big ol' wand (which is still a soft one by the way)? You never need to redip the wand back into the tube. There's enough product packed into the wand that you can easily do both eyes and achieve all the drama you could ever want.

The result? Big dramatic and CURLED lashes with no lash curler in sight! I still think the wand is too big and could chill out a little but it is what it is. I won't try it on my bottom lashes out of paranoia because Better Than Sex always always smudged on me for years. Try it yourself and see if you get any of those "Damn girl!" reactions.

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