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Friday, November 22, 2019

At last a post that should have been written sooner but here it is! A short but simple review of the only Kylie Skin product I intend to purchase (for now). Get ready to head to your local Ulta...

I love a foaming cleanser. Usually they do more harm than good when compared to other cleansers because they usually have a soap base that can dry out the skin, leaving that dreaded squeaky clean feeling. But Kylie Jenner formulated her foaming cleanser with a coconut foaming base that leaves my skin soft and not stripped. 

I definitely noticed a difference in using this cleanser as a makeup remover and as a second cleanse. When I used it to remove my makeup, it left my face quite tight. But as a second cleanse and/or a morning cleanse, my face feels soft and clean. 

I feel great about using this foaming cleanser regularly! It has a light kiwi fragrance and the foam is sooooo luxurious. One pump is more than enough to cover your whole face with your fingers. I'm really, really impressed. But you won't catch me trying to act like it's my sole makeup removing cleanser anytime soon (@ Kylie, we see you). 

If you need a simple cleanser to do just that -clean, then Kylie's is worth the $24. And did I mention it foams?

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