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Friday, November 15, 2019

I try a lot of skincare, yes. But what I keep to use and choose to give away varies. The majority of my collection leans towards the "clean at Sephora" way but I made room for more clinical and scientific research kinds like Murad. I'm really picky about this one but the whole hydration line has earned its place in my stash. 

Why I love it: it's hydrating (duh), age preventing, and full of the good stuff we know and love. The real, real first time I fell in love with a product from Murad, which shocked me to no end, was the Revitalixir Recovery Serum. I'm on my third bottle now and I feel like it's really helped my skin stay smooth and forehead-line free! I apply this in the daytime as a pre-makeup pick me up. Lately, I've been targeting it on my forehead but I've used it all over before too. Niacinamide, cannabis oil, and peptides are make up only a part of the show here.

The other product that made me go whoa in the morning was the Night Fix Enzyme Treatment. I use this purple bottle as my very last step at night and by morning my skin looks clearer and smoother. It's all because of the high powered peptide and enzymes work with the body's sleep rhythm to help repair and support skin renewal overnight. Yeehaw. I recommend this one to everyone to help w the anti aging and fighting the early appearance of that dullness we're trying to avoid around here.

There's moisturizer in this line is one of the few that doesn't have SPF or come in a tube thankfully. It says it's plumping and prevents moisture loss but upon my experience, it's no difference than any other water gel based moisturizer I've ever used. It's a moisturizer that has great intentions and the ingredient list reminds me of a mineral water I'd drink.

From what I'd heard in the skincare world, Dr. Murad was one of the few to dabble in Prebiotic skincare. The other type of biotic to Probiotic, this helps the skin's micro biome maintain balance and get the right amount of hydration. The 4-in-1 cleanser reminds me of a clinical brand Milky Jelly that breaks up almost all of my makeup with skin-loving ingredients. There's a mist to follow that I haven't used yet but I have a feeling I'll fall in love with it too.

Murad has been around for a very long time and for a reason, clearly. I'm still not sold on majority of the brand based on ingredients and their potential for drying out the skin. I've at least found some hero products that I feel comfortable enough to recommend to everyone.

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