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Friday, January 10, 2020

A unranked list of my favorite Top Shelf posts from Into the Gloss that also helped influence my own series of top shelves called On the Counter (see what I did there?).

Emily Ratajkowski - Emily is definitely the reason the phrase, "cool girl," exists. This was where I discovered her and how much I identified with her beauty tastes. I'm pretty sure she was the reason I bought this Kiehl's cleanser. She loves Charlotte Tilbury too, need I say more?

Nam Vo- I had no idea who this intimidating woman was but after reading this, I became thoroughly invested in anything and everything she posts on Instagram. She's also influenced me into buying things she's used #influencermarketingworks

Lindsay Peoples Wagner- she may be the editor of Teen Vogue, which I try to forget, but her Top Shelf was one of the first I ever read and still enjoy skimming over. Her personal journey on tackling acne and figuring out what's right for her skin was really interesting.

Jena Goldsack- idk why I have this bookmarked because Jena's a lil' weird on the 'gram but I'm pretty sure it was the aesthetics that drew me in. She also knows her stuff about beauty maintenance and products from traveling and working as a model.

Bec Wilson- I still don't understand what this girl does for a living but I know I highly respect her amount of knowledge and experience in the beauty world that I would willingly bow down to this queen

Jonathan Van Ness- Listen, if you don't like this man, then there's something wrong here. His over the top personality is balanced out by his beauty expertise and my mom's desire to have her hair done by him one day. He knows so much and you can just tell he means so well. He also knows his shit while not getting too pretentious about it.

Note: None of these photos are mine. They all belong to Into the Gloss.

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