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Friday, March 27, 2020

Foundation has been the focus for Sephora for the past two years and now there's way more than anyone could have imagined. I'm pretty sure I wear foundation almost every day with usually four to five on rotation at a time. I love a medium-full coverage foundation with a natural or matte finish. I want my skin to look smoother and better....heaven forbid it's "cakey" (pro's usually not the's the user). 

I decided to review the three foundations I've been wearing for the past couple months! I try v hard to follow my "one out, one in," rule especially with foundations because I own a lot. You'll notice the before mentioned theme of coverage and finish in these bottles. 

I have a blog post coming up about Dior's Backstage line but I'll go ahead and tell you now that the Backstage Face & Body foundation is a hit. I find it's got a thinner consistency that builds really well with a sponge or brush. I prefer a sponge usually. The coverage is very buildable, so I think it could please anyone! I love the skin-like finish and how it promises to be waterproof and sweat proof. I plan to test that out come summertime! 

I never expected to own a foundation from Yves Saint Laurent because Touche Eclat is usually not for my skin type but their newest release, All Hours, was right up my street. My shade in this is a bit dark right now, so I make sure to marry my face to my neck before letting anyone see me outside my house. This foundation has a thicker consistency but plenty of pigment so it goes pretty far when blended out with a sponge. I haven't tried a brush with this yet because I've just been so pleased with my sponge! I hope to try this out when it gets hotter to test the twenty four hour promise of wear. It leans more on the natural matte side, which I love. This smooths out all texture on the skin too. 

Tarte makes some amazing products, especially the ones that have been featured on my blog before. The Babassu Foundcealer foundation is probably one of their most underrated foundations. I was never an Amazonian Clay girl because it's just soooo thick and very matte. Foundcealer is one of the more natural radiant finish foundations I own. Because of the finish, I make sure to really mattify ahead of time with my skin prep and primer choice. I've been playing with a sponge and a brush recently to see which one I like better. Brushes blend this out better on my skin and I'm left with a smoother finish than with a sponge! I also believe the pigment in this one makes it blend weird with a sponge, maybe it's just me. 

After many wears of these three, I'd have to say I love YSL's All Hours the most because it just ticks all the boxes for me. I believe Dior Backstage could become the next love of my life, especially if it holds up during the summer heat in Charleston. I'm working on finishing Foundcealer because I'm a good sport. Stay tuned for more foundation updates! 

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