The Concealer Duo Worth Your Money

Friday, May 22, 2020

Until a few years ago, I never wore concealer under my eyes. I'd usually take whatever was left in my sponge or brush from my foundation and blend it under my eyes. Concealer, in my book, was for hiding pesky spots and discolorations. Oh, how I have come so far! Now, I conceal under my eyes as part of my complexion routine and these two concealers from Yves Saint Laurent are definitely two of my favorites. 

You may wonder if you need two concealers? What's the difference between the two? Let me explain, and influence you to open a new tab so you can go to Sephora dot com as you read.

The original Touche Eclat concealer is the brightener. It counter acts the dark pigmentation plaguing your under eyes from staying up until 2 a.m. watching Outer Banks on Netflix (okay, maybe it was just me). It's more of a multi-functional concealer because not only can it brighten the under eye, it can also highlight on high points of the face for natural radiance and luminosity. Whatever floats your boat! 

Touche Eclat High Cover was added sometime last year or the year before as the coverage concealer. After brightening and correcting with the OG Touche Eclat, High Cover steps in to conceal with skin-like pigment. These two hard working gold pens brighten, correct, and conceal those under eyes so you appear more awake and refreshed than ever, and no one has to know you were binging tv shows yet again past midnight. 

I love these concealers because of how lightweight the product is and doesn't sit in my fine lines as much as some other concealers do. The pens are easy to use and the brush applicators are cleaner, in my opinion, than those nasty sponge applicators on some other concealers. When it comes to repurchasing these one day (because I will), I'd probably pick up another High Cover first since I don't need to brighten and correct like the original Touche Eclat does. 

If you like light to medium coverage concealers that feel silky and brighten under the eyes, I'd recommend Touche Eclat, because when can you go wrong with Yves Saint Laurent? 

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