A First Aid Beauty Guide

Friday, April 26, 2019

We love a brand overview post especially when it has to do with such a brand that ultimately focuses on sensitive skin and a line that calls to the Millennials out there who love bright pink packaging. Sign me up!

First Aid Beauty is best known for its Ultra Repair Cream, the buttercream-like consistency that helps hydrate and nourish from head to toe! While it's great for the driest of skin, it's not for me. Instead, I go towards their Hello FAB line with fun, innovative products that I've somehow collected over the years. There are some hits and misses in this line but everything's worth having a look over at least!

On the Counter | Weldon Nichols

Friday, April 19, 2019

The one where skincare meets self love, swearing by SPF, and getting it from your momma.

Seven years ago, Weldon and I became friends over a certain boyband. Cute British boys aside, we discovered we had so much more in common with one another. One being we were both only children with single moms. Our friendship has spanned over a long period of time with so many changes and growth between us- even Weldon joining me down in Charleston! She's one of those that makes me feel that kind of friendship where you wonder, "how did I live so long without you??"

Enjoy as she reminds us all to take care of ourselves and wear that SPF all day, every day.

How to: Facial Exfoliation

Friday, April 12, 2019

Exfoliating is a great thing! I’d love to do it not only to my skin but also parts of my life! I’ll keep you posted if I ever figure out how to do that, I’ll let you know. Exfoliating your skin is super important so you get all the bad crap off and make room for the new and better skin to come through. But as much as we love a exfoliator to scrub away all the problems on our skin, going overboard isn’t so great. It’s necessary, but you just gotta know what’s best for you and when/how to use it.
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