2021 Skincare Favorites

Friday, December 31, 2021

I’ve returned with just enough time to share my favorite products of 2021. Nothing like getting in under the wire, huh? Amongst my favorites in this post, products I would recommend are nestled within as well. Enjoy this post as we say goodbye to another whirlwind year in a panorama and say hello to a better tomorrow in 2022. 

In 2021, I left my job at Sephora after five wonderful & hard working years. Although I’ve moved to Washington D.C., I’ll remain (one of) your go-to sources on all things skincare, makeup, and more as long as you’ll have me. I still have plenty of product to work through myself and share my utterly candid and honest thoughts. 

Since this post focuses on skincare, I wanted to share a disclaimer on how I won’t be getting into the nitty-gritty of ingredients. However, I only used the products below because of their ingredients followed by their effectiveness. 

The Cleansed Review Starter Pack

Friday, June 19, 2020

Every day,  I'm asked what my favorite X, Y, and Z products are. Now, let's think about how anyone can ask me, a girl who loves options, and with a head full of product knowledge, to decide on her ONE favorite product from any category. Making a decision is like picking a favorite child, luckily I have no children and instead fill my heart with skincare (and makeup, duh). So, after Network of Enlightened Women had me as a guest on Instagram Live (see the IGTV here!), I made myself decide on what my favorite products really are. I made my decisions with the perspective of, 'If I didn't work at Sephora, what would I buy independently?' and 'All other products aside, what have I truly loved and can't imagine myself without?' and lastly, 'What has actually WORKED?'

So here you have the results: The Cleansed Review Starter Pack. These carefully selected products are your go to answer for fulfilling holes in your skincare routine or starting from scratch if you're building one for the first time. Not everything made it's way in here because I'd leave you with a twenty step skincare routine, or something ridiculous. But I hope you take this for what it is: my best attempt at cutting down all the other products I own so I can share the ones I truly, truly love and have enjoyed.

Facial Oils

Friday, May 29, 2020

The ones you absolutely need in your life. No questions asked. Thank me later.

However, I also love questions so enjoy reading the following textual Ted Talk about four of my favorite oils of all time that compliment my routine and will be a god send in yours!!

Facial oils are awesome. There's so many skincare benefits inside those little glass bottles like plant oils, nut oils, antioxidants, fatty acids, etc. They're great for all skin types, especially oily skin! Oil can break down excess oil and nourish the skin, resulting in a clearer, less oily complexion. The four I chose are also super makeup friendly, giving you the chance to enjoy them in the AM under your foundation! Go ahead and open up your wallets folks, because you're about to make another purchase.

These oils will probably all seem like the same thing but they're all different. Like in Cheaper by the Dozen, there were 12 kids but they were all different! Those 12 kids shared the same two parents just like all these oils share similar ingredients but their textures and purposes vary.

The Concealer Duo Worth Your Money

Friday, May 22, 2020

Until a few years ago, I never wore concealer under my eyes. I'd usually take whatever was left in my sponge or brush from my foundation and blend it under my eyes. Concealer, in my book, was for hiding pesky spots and discolorations. Oh, how I have come so far! Now, I conceal under my eyes as part of my complexion routine and these two concealers from Yves Saint Laurent are definitely two of my favorites. 

You may wonder if you need two concealers? What's the difference between the two? Let me explain, and influence you to open a new tab so you can go to Sephora dot com as you read.

Go-To Skincare | The Brand You Need In Your Life

Friday, May 15, 2020

One of the best things about working at Sephora is that it's made me a more curious consumer, if you will. I'm also humble enough to say I'm nosey as hell when I come upon something new. This was probably how I came upon Go-To Skincare, which sadly, is no longer carried at Sephora but my loyalty will never die, even if it's now absent from the shelves at Sephora.

First thing to know is that I adore the brand's founder, Zoe Foster Blake. She's hilarious, Australian, and a beauty vet. As a former beauty editor, this woman knows her stuff when it comes to how good skincare should perform and function, while not sacrificing good ingredients too. There's a whole routine of products that she's developed but I've only experienced a handful. However, from that handful, I can tell you it's all legit as can be.


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