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Oh hiiiiii

Welcome to The Cleansed Review, a beauty and skincare blog that's been mine since 2014. I gave it a makeover last year complete with a new URL that's also tied to my Instagram, where I post the most often. I've set out with these two platforms to be a better and more knowledgable source of information for people who want to learn more or just really, really loves beauty products like I do.

I'd say I have a passion for journalism, creating, and talking to people. I wanted to start my blog for those reasons and as an outlet to talk about the products I use and love.

I turn 26 this year and have worked at Sephora for four years, the longest I've ever had a job in one place. It's still my favorite job I've ever had! This fall I'll start my last year at College of Charleston and graduate next spring with a Bachelor's in Communications. While I love skincare and makeup, I'm also really into history and politics. I hope to move to Washington D.C. following graduation and become a political commentator one day.

Until then, I'll continue to entertain within this space and my Instagram because I'll never stop using skincare or makeup.

That's all for now! Enjoy!


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