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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Besides waiting with 15,000 other girls in Universal’s CityWalk, I did a good bit of shopping on my trip to the Mall at Millenia in Orlando. I picked up a few shirts suitable for the upcoming winter months, a blush perfect for the autumn/winter season, a phone case, and some holiday decorations. I made my first ever trip to Henri Bendel, spent quite a long time in Sephora, and breezed through Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie. Every Christmas my mother and I end up at Crate & Barrel, whether we’re in Richmond, Atlanta, Charlotte, or in this case, Orlando. Every year we fall in love with Crate & Barrel’s range of holiday decorations and ornaments. I picked up two new ones to add to my tree along with my other goodies.

Henri Bendel is a store similar to Barney’s or Neiman Marcus. It has many accessories for the woman, the home, and the dog. Their Holiday shop has a festive selection of ornaments and other decorations. I picked up the Puppy Love Snowglobe, which has two puppies climbing on the presents inside and snow swirls around them. Along with the snowglobe, I picked up an ornament to adorn my tree. The signature hat box with the iconic brown and white stripe make this bauble a perfect addition to my tree.

Continuing on with the Christmas-decorating theme, I explored the many displays Crate & Barrel has set up in the store. They typically have a Christmas tree set up in the front and then other set up nearby. Along with the ornaments hung on the tree, they were placed in baskets around the perimeter of the tree. My mom picked out a frosted white ornament with snowmen and in the belly of the snowmen, little pompoms that look like snow roll around inside. She also picked up a very elaborate beaded ornament ball that was teal with light green and red beads covering it in a beautiful design. For my ornament, I picked up a stitched patterned elephant that we both fell in love with. A last minute addition was a knitted Santa Claus that I loved.

From Anthropologie I picked up a phone case that I have had my eye on since the summer. These came in a range of colors and I was absolutely delighted when I found mine in silver. It has a silver covering and then stitched on gold and metallic beads of different sizes. It has quite a texturized feel to it so I try not to be too rough with my phone when I use this case. I also pictured up a really comfy scoop neck short sleeve top. It has different sized grey and white stripes that go around it; there’s also a little pocket on the left side.

Continuing on with clothes, after desperately trying to find more clothes that I liked in Urban Outfitters, I ended up getting a grey/white marled sweater with really prettying lacy detail at the bottom. It’s really roomy and quite long (once I pull it down) which is perfect for my long torso. I also made a stop to American Eagle and I picked out a red and black flannel shirt from the men’s section. Picking out a shirt from the men’s section might sound a bit odd but with so much menswear out there designed for women it’s really not all that strange in the end is it? Plus American Eagle’s flannel shirts have improved immensely and the men’s are so much longer and not as shapely as the women’s. The longer the better for my torso and for layering. I realized the first day I wore this shirt that I was dressed like Niall Horan who wore a similar flannel the day One Direction performed on the Today Show at CityWalk.

For makeup, which is always important, I only bought one item! I read about this NARS blush on Essiebutton first so I was curious to try it myself since I have discovered my narcissism (read: Nars-cissism). Sin is a beautiful autumnal berry shade that is quite warm and perfect for the season. It gives the skin a really warm look but it is quite pigmented. I only swipe my blush once across it and then shake it out, or else it can look quite heavy headed in a very bad way. I also picked up a coveted NARS product for my mom for Christmas, but that will stay under wraps just in case she breezes by this post.

Finally, I couldn’t resist buying something from my visit at Universal. The Harry Potter replicas of Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley are my favorite things in the park, so naturally I bought some memorabilia from Diagon Alley. A trip into Weasley Wizard Wheezes (it was a scene straight of the movie) led me to buy a chocolate frog, which is literally a quite massive frog made out of chocolate. Another new addition in merchandise were Fizzing Whizzbees, a chocolate shaped butterfly of sorts that has fizzing candies once you pop them into your mouth. The popping power causes quite a surprise the first time you try them. I was very impressed with how Diagon Alley looked; everything was beautiful and perfect down to the smallest detail. If you or anyone you know is a big Harry Potter fan, like myself, I can’t even stress how much a visit is needed to these unique places. It really touches a Harry Potter fans heart when you first step foot in either of these places.

Well, that’s it for everything I picked up! I do hope you enjoyed reading about it all. This trip has been one of my most memorable and favorite ones. I can’t wait to return back to Orlando and stay at the Cabana Bay once again – and, of course, do more shopping. Until then, I have photos to help me remember this amazing weekend.

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