Nars Rigel

Monday, September 12, 2016

Besides coffee and my dogs, I really only care about one other thing and it's eyeshadow. Eyeshadow definitely makes up the biggest chunk of my collection and there's only room to grow. Some of my favorite eyeshadows come from Nars. But these aren't just any ordinary eyeshadows, no, they're even better. They're the Dual Intensity shadows that can be worn wet or dry depending on how I'm feeling that day. One top of the versatility, they're super shimmery and leave a metal-like look on the lids. Did I need to buy another one? Probably not. Did I? You bet. 

These shadows are one of the things I like to hold in my hands and caress them against my face like new born puppies. Well, like, puppies covered in their soft fur, not the fresh out of the oven puppies. Anyways...back in 2014 I first purchased Dione, a soft silver, and Himalia, a more taupe shade, and it was love at first swipe. These were the first shadows I used wet and I continue to use them wet every time I pick them up. I just love the pop of metallic on my lids, especially since I'm more of a shimmery person than matte. They blend and give off such a metal-like finish without making me feel like I'm going to be in a robot music video.

Recently, I picked up Rigel, a light sandy gold, after much debate. I always go through a debate thats crossed between conflict and spontaneity. It's probably more entertaining to watch than anything. But I realized that in my little collection of Dual Intensity Shadows, none of them were like Rigel. It comes off a lot lighter than Himalia and even Telesto, a golden brown from last summer, so I liked the ability to have another one of these as a one wash wonder.

Rigel is so beautiful and warm on the lids, which is exactly what I look for. I can even wear it alone or pop a bit of Clinique Black Honey in the crease to spice things up, because I'm all about that intense eye (and nude lip 'cos I'm not a daring girl yet).

Shoutout to Nars, please don't go anywhere with these shadows unless you want me to cry into my makeup brushes. Cheers.

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