Liquid Lipsticks

Friday, September 9, 2016

There must be something in the water around here because suddenly I have a thing for lipstick. If anyone knows me really well, they'll know that I never wear color on my lips. It just wasn't my thing for so long but I always lusted after my friends who were able to pull it off and wear it with ease. Like, props to my friends, I love you guys and your lipsticks.

After a combination of different things, I purchased a liquid lipstick from Too Faced last month. Their collection of Melted liquid lipsticks say that they're long wearing and full of color, and I'll stand by the pigment part. I got mine in Chihuahua, which is a soft mauve color. I love the color, consistency and the feel of it on my lips. It dries more like a gloss but it's still a softer kind of matte. While it says it's long wearing, I disagree. I don't feel like it stays on once it dries and the ring around my Starbucks straw agrees. But I definitely love this as a liquid lipstick because isn't as matte as the Anastasia that I talk about below and doesn't show every single line in my lips like Anastasia and Kat Von D lipsticks do.

So, after I purchased my first liquid lipstick (that I'll actually wear), I was into other collections that have them. When I stumbled upon the Anastasia Liquid Lipsticks, the back of my hand was covered in swatches of color, but at least I knew one that I wanted. With the help of my best friend, who I consider a lipstick wonder woman, she helped me settle on Crush, a pinky beige nude. First things first, the color of this is beautiful and such a perfect shade of nude. Second, the wear of this lipstick is incredible. Once it dries, it will not budge. I don't really have to fuss with reapplying but the drying power of it makes my lips feel so dehydrated that I feel like no amount of chapstick will remedy the dryness. With these Anastasia lipsticks, I feel like they're so drying that I can see every line in my lips from how matte they are.

Both of these lipsticks are amazing and and long wearing to some degree. Next time you're in Sephora or Ulta, take some time to swatch these and find your favorite.

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