All I Want for Christmas is...Lush

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

One thing is for sure this December, you can catch me singing and dancing along to Mariah Carey's incredible holiday hit, "All I Want for Christmas is You" every day. Every day another Christmas movie watched and a variety of songs play on my radio.

Lush also does Christmas beautifully. They're one of the most anticipated collections every year with products smelling of everything wonderful and reminiscent of Christmas days of old. Ahh, I can smell the cinnamon tuck in and enjoy my ramblings about my favorite Christmas bits!

All the jiggly, sudsy wonder of Lush's infamous shower jellies is shaped into a round red circle complete with Santa's belt and gold buckle from his iconic suit. Lush didn't hold back on the glitter this year with this one, to which I say, bring on all the glitter. Sometimes I think I was made of glitter (and coffee). The main scent to this little jiggly number is apple but also features star anise (which I won't act like I know what that is) and grape. Perfect for the holiday lover who also loves to make showering fun. 

Rose lovers, please gather round (and non-rose lovers, you should probably stick nearby too)! Son of a nutcracker, where has this body wash been my whole life? The name says it all with the mention of Rose in this lovely smelling body wash. With additional notes of lemon, vanilla, and goji berry juice, this body wash actually left my bathroom smelling heavenly and divine. Lush's body washes are one of the few things I actually feel like lathers up to my standards and works well to get the job done. I flippin' love this body wash and hope they don't discontinue it for real like my beloved Hot Toddy (RIP, gone but never forgotten).

Okay, the first thing that sold me on this nifty, festive lotion was the name itself. One of my favorite tv shows happens to be Once Upon a Time so naturally, I gravitated towards this product. It's a mint green which is already so Aesthetically appealing and smells of apples. Maybe you're making a connection to Santa's Belly above that I neglected to make at first but yes, this lotion is the counterpart to Santa's Belly (!!). The apple infusion takes center stage with back ups from some almond and jojoba oils. Perfect for hydrating and nourishing parched winter skin and leaving it scented with a hint of apples that will leave you wondering if an Evil Queen is lurking nearby (shhh, it's okay. Calm down and eat a candy cane).

If one product had to be the love of my life from Lush, it would be this lotion. It started out as a limited edition product last Christmas, but halfway through the year (give or take), Lush decided to bring it back and make it permanent (!!). I'm a lover of lavender and it's relaxing and soothing properties which is makes up the base of this lotion. It's perfect for working into the skin before tucking into bed (or typing a blog post) to help you relax on a cold winter's night after a busy day of being immersed in Christmas culture. 

I even upgraded myself from the small size to the larger, regular size this year because of how much I love it. Talk about lotion commitment (which I'm notoriously not loyal to). 

You might have noticed there was no mention of bath bombs and that's because I don't take baths. I can't relax via warm, heavenly scented and colored bath water. However, I do lust over the beautiful mostly round powdery explosions of color and scent whenever I'm in store. Sigh

I also tried Christingle in the past, which is a peppermint scented body conditioner to be used in the shower. I wasn't the biggest fan because I actually got physically cold from the bright blue concoction so I steered clear of it. But if this doesn't affect you, I highly encourage trying it (or the Snow Fairy one) because of how much two of my friends love the stuff. I'm not kidding because one of them bought a back up for the other one she purchased not too long ago. 

Once upon a time (hehe) I tried Snow Fairy and that was the end of that fairy tale. It's a tad too sweet for my sugar liquified and put into a bottle. If you're into that business, then there's a whole range of Snow Fairy products just waiting for you at a nearby Lush. 

Do you have any favorite Lush products? Christmas or non-Christmas? Come share your scented, moisturized stories with me please!

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