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Sunday, March 3, 2019

If you’ve been around here before, you’ll already be familiar with my major levels of excitement when it comes to skincare. Especially when I know the brand’s story, product concepts, and all around love of the stuff they make. Just like my post about Sunday Riley, Herbivore Botanicals is another love of my life in the skincare world. This Seattle-born company keeps things American made with nothing added in that you wouldn’t want on your face. Win, win.

I first tried Herbivore when I started at Sephora before I was the skincare guru I am today. I didn’t know much but I knew their products were different and unique from their fellow brands. Two years later, I love the brand and everything they release gets an instant like from me on Instagram. Short backstory, Herbivore started out when the husband-wife founders gave the other a soap making kit for some holiday and it evolved from there into making skincare. The couple still operates their company in Seattle with the help of the wife’s father who makes the Herbivore soaps you see today! It’s an American company with origins in plants and great intentions that I want to share with everyone.

Lapis Oil + Blue Tansy Resurfacing Clarity Mask

These products are the deepest blue I’ve ever seen and can you believe that’s it’s true color? Blue Tansy Oil gives these two that dark blue hue but it also helps reduce redness and soothe dry skin. The Blue Tansy mask is the alternative to helping clear acne and soothe irritated skin without that dry, crusty phase. I love the Blue Tansy mask for any breakouts, big or small. Its fab for helping reduce acne scarring. It’s really worked for me when I sometimes get tiny patches of whiteheads near my jaw line. If I pop some on several nights in a row, they’ll clear right up thanks to this mask.

The Lapis oil is the cousin to Sunday Riley’s infamous Luna Sleeping Night Oil. What makes it different is the absence of retinol, found in Sunday Riley’s. If you’re looking for a calming, redness reducing, and balancing facial oil, Lapis is for you. Azulene serves as the calming base with Kukui Nut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Squalane, Jasmine Sambac Oil (the night blooming variety of Jasmine) added in. I can feel the oily juiciness now.

Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist

The facial mist that the Mario Badescu Rosewater spray wishes it was. With rosewater and aloe leaf water at its base, this one has all the spa-like effects with each spray. The hibiscus inside gently exfoliates, which makes it even more unique. I love this spray after cleansing or a mask for a refreshing spritz of hydration to add to my already lengthy routine. What’s one more step? (That’s definite sarcasm there) The best part? It also comes in a mini!!

Pink Cloud Rosewater Moisture Creme

Y’all I swear the heavens opened up when Herbivore made this moisturizer. It gives that luxurious feeling when you touch it and work it into skin. I love that it has aloe as the first ingredient followed by a handful of more amazing hydrators. It’s one of those moisturizers that says it’s perfect for everyone, and it is! It leaves skin with a dewy, healthy finish. No stickiness, oiliness, or heaviness here. I prefer to use this at night and usually mix it with a facial oil of some sort but that’s just my preference. One day I hope to have the full size in my collection because I tried it in this kit and it left me unsurprisingly wanting more.

Prism Exfoliating Glow Potion

A product that sounds intriguing just by its name. Using natural hydrators and acids, this is the go to for gentle exfoliation in a serum. Its watery texture absorbs into the skin and its lack of preservatives can cause it to turn from clear to a deep amber, but don't worry, it'll still do its thing! They use glycolic acid from sugar cane, willow bark, a natural salicylic acid, and rose and aloe waters to hydrate. I love to use this at night and currently in between retinoling with Sunday Riley's A+.

Herbivore has more to offer and I'm excited to share that it's going to be available in our store so now I can shop (and share) the whole collection with everyone. Keep doing your thing Herbivore, I'm hooked.

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