Liquid Liner Made Easy

Friday, March 22, 2019

Oooh, eyeliner. The key to looking less tired and like you’re ready to get down to business. The question is, which one do you go for?

I started wearing eyeliner around six years ago. I still remember the day like it was yesterday. Some lady helped me find this Stila liquid liner pen that I still use to this day! It's the holy grail in my book. I probably didn’t apply it the best but hey, I learned.

Liquid liner is your friend. It’s the answer to those quick black lines above our lashes that make them look fuller and your eyes pop. You can free hand with those babies too. I’m the worst when it comes to pulling my eye to do my liner. But with my eye shape, which can differ on everyone, sometimes a little tug makes things go faster.

Starting with my first love, Stila Stay All Day, this is always my go to for a long wear, non-smudging eyeliner that I know won’t ever fail me. The felt tip is manageable but not the best for me to free hand on my lids...but that doesn’t mean it won’t be the same result on someone with big ass eyes and smooth lids.

Amidst the controversy, Kat Von D knew what she was doing long, long ago when she released the Tattoo Liner. This is the one that showed me I could free hand my liner for the blackest black lines and stay all day power (soz Stila). It’s my favorite liner to throw out this anecdote about and watch people convert themselves to this gem. It’s the one my fellow beloved blogger, Fran, always reaches for and she’s got wings so strong that she could take down any planes in the sky. You know what I mean.

Of course, when Rihanna shocked the world in waves with her makeup line, an eyeliner should have been predicted to emerge down the pipeline sooner than later. With the promise of being the blackest liner of them all (it is), Flyliner has a longer felt tip than Stila which I’ve grown used to. Thanks to the size and pigment, I can usually free hand with this one but sometimes I over apply since the tip is so big. One of my friends even said it made it through a night out...and then some.

The eyeliner that shocked me the most was one from Clinique. I know, breathe. The Pretty Easy pen gives KVD a run for her tattoo pen because I can free hand with it and still get a really black line. The similar brush-like tip ain’t too bad either. This is probably my new favorite to reach for.

I regularly rotate these liners depending on the day, how much time I’ve got, and even what eyeshadow I’m wearing. I find depending on the texture of my shadow, some work better than others. Clinique keeps powering through the various textures I slather across my eyes while Fenty can stamp and line over just about anything with just a little eye pulling.

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