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Saturday, June 4, 2022


Not too many years ago you wouldn't catch me putting cream products anywhere on my face. The thought of cream-based, dewy-finished products on my oily skin? Yeah right. 

Well my tune has changed my friends... I put at least one cream product on my face every day. I've fallen in love with all sorts... blush, contour, bronzer (yes the last two are completely different). Below you'll find my thoughts and reviews mingling together on each product you see above. I hope you enjoy the post and walk away learning something... I learned I own too many blushes for my own good and shouldn't buy another... but never say never, right?

These are the cutest blushes you could ever own. Although they look small, the pigment packs a punch upon application. Because of the potency of their colors, you don’t need much and makes the blushes last forever so it should be months before you need to restock. I like to take a little bit in the palm of my hand and with a brush, I buff it into my cheek until I’m satisfied with the look. They blend really easily and are super buildable too. I own Dusk, Beam, and Spark. Dusk is my favorite low maintenance neutral. Beam is my go-to for a warm, beachy look. I’ve used Spark the least so far because I think it has more of a I’ve-been-in-the-sun look so I’ll start using it during the summer months. 

The glowy blush and highlight wands that have been spread all over TikTok and Instagram. Because of their insane amount of popularity, finding them in stock anywhere is like striking gold. Luckily I bought Peachgasm when it launched a few years ago. I ordered Pinkgasm when it went back in stock on Charlotte Tilbury’s website, which is the way I recommend you order it rather than waiting on Sephora. 

When I wear Peachgasm, I have to layer it over another blush to get it to show up on my skin. Alone, it looks more like a glowy peach highlighter because the pigment isn’t that strong. It would be a beautiful glowy peach blush on the fairest skin tones, but for the most part, it wears like a peach highlighter. 

Pinkgasm has the most pigmentation so I can wear it alone or lightly blended on top of my Pillowtalk blush. It’s super stunning and glowy when blended out, which explains why it’s become such a popular product. 

This brand is super underrated for their innovative products and low prices. I own Magic Hour, which is such a beautiful pink-rose nude blush that looks good on everyone. These blushes are super buildable and can be applied with a brush or fingers. I would love to get more of these, especially Rush Hour and Golden Hour… I think it was because Allana wore it in this video

Mario made some of the creamiest and blendable blushes out there. I’ve really enjoyed Soft Coral because it builds really well and gives this beautiful warm pop of color… like I’ve been on the beach with a drink in my hand. The other shades are wonderful, I would highly recommend them. I don’t use the little brush at the other end because I have plenty of brushes to use. However, if it’s easier for you to use, then go for it. Mario even made it so the brush can be removed and washed before the next application. The price of these sticks is really reasonable too for a blush. 

I've already been a fan of Item Beauty from the mascara to the lip gloss oil (still not sure what it really is). I bought It's Verified on a total whim when I came across it on a Sephora trip last year. It's Verified is the perfect neutral tone with a touch of peachy warmth. It goes with every makeup look I do. The formula reminds me of the Rare Beauty pot cream blushes but better. Item's are a drier cream consistency that dries down to a powder. Drier cream is a thing, I swear. I love the shade of this blush and the price is too good to beat, especially since it takes me the same amount of time to finish a face mask which is forever. So that's how you know it's worth it. 

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