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Monday, November 2, 2015

Taking care of your skin is probably one of the best things one could do for themselves, because let's face it, eating healthy or exercising (shudder) is way more time consuming. I had to deal with bad acne all through my teenage years and trying out everything began exhausting. I remember Clinique being a big help once I reached 17 but about a year ago or so, I moved on from Clinique. My motto is once you find what works best for your skin, stick with it. I try not to add too many different things in or change up my face wash in case it throws the balance off of my skin.

For two years I've religiously used Neutrogena's Oil-Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Foaming Scrub on my face after finally figuring out that it worked the best for me. I always wash my face in the shower since I feel like the steam from the shower helps open my pores and makes my face feel fresher. I also avoid washcloths after one of my friends warned me that the texture could cause me gullible but I haven't used one since!

Being the teenager I was, I really picked at my skin (don't act like you didn't at some point) and ended up with acne scars and dark spots from teenage acne. Luckily my skin has turned around in the last two years from its oily, acne prone type to more of a normal-oily type. So I usually go for a product or serum that helps with fading acne marks and discoloration. I found that Philosophy make the secret to success (and smoother skin) with their No Reason to Hide Multi-Imperfection Transforming Serum. The name really says it all, so there's no explanation really needed. I will say the smell of it gets to me sometimes but I get over it.

After my Philosophy serum, I finish up with Chanel's Hydra Beauty Crème Hydration Protection Radiance moisturizer 'cos the combo of these two products has given me the best results with my skin texture and look. Even though these items are quite pricey, I don't have to use that much on my face so it really stretches the life of my skincare routine.

If a pesky spot does pop up, I put a bit of Origins' Super Spot Remover to make the spot move on quicker. And, to change things up, I recently purchased Lush's Cup O' Coffee Face and Body Mask after running out of my beloved Ocean Salt Scrub and I have been loving that too! Even if my face smells like an actual cup of coffee afterwards...

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