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Monday, January 29, 2018

Just like these oils, I had to re-do this post the way these oils help my skin. So, I did away with the old and brought it a newer, smoother post full of my enthusiasm and QVC-esque persuasion about these popular facial oils. I tried to keep it simple so we're not all here until next Tuesday...so enjoy and come see me at work for more (feel free to bring me a coffee too please)

Clarifying. Effective. Smells like plants. 

After seven months of religiously using this oil from Sunday Riley, I can’t imagine my life without it. It keeps my skin clear and under control in the acne department. I only use it at night, before moisturizer, but by all means, slather it on before you get ready for incredible oil fighting and clarification throughout the day from a bright green oil. 

I love this and its counterparts (Martian and Saturn) so much that I think I sound like a QVC commercial when someone asks me about it. It’s powered mostly by salicylic acid and tea tree oil, with cucumber seed oil and chamomile in the back to help soothe and calm.

Soothing. Reduces Redness. Luna without the Retinol.

This is the true Instagram hero oil across the board with everyone I follow on my Instagram (click here!). This all natural, gentle oil helps soothe and fade redness and clear up blemishes. It promises to help break up excess oil and keep your complexion as clear as a Snapchat filter (you know the one). 

The best part of this oil too is that it’s similar to Sunday Riley’s Luna, but without the retinol. In case you’re unsure of what this retinol stuff is, it’s a form of Vitamin A that helps turn over new cells faster which equals a clearer and smoother complexion in a shorter amount of time. So, if you’re a youngling who wants to be preventive and clarifying with their complexion but don’t want the strength of a retinol, yet, then Lapis is the one for you. 

Biggest tip: Store it in a dark place because Blue Tansy (the main ingredient in Lapis and Luna) is light sensitive and can break down from exposure.

Radiance. Even tone. Gentle. 

Everyone should want glowing, healthy skin in their lives. You can be glowing without looking like you’ve been in the gym for three hours (or maybe even three minutes). This serum will help you get there without going to the gym! 

It’s made to even out the skin tone from dark spots to uneven tone, with a newly radiant, even tone emerging on the other end. I’ve been on and off with this serum in the past year but I’ve worked it back in as my day serum. I don’t know how much I’ve seen a more even tone but I do appreciate having it in my collection.

Hydrating. Nourishing. Antioxidants. 

If there’s one thing everyone (and I mean everyone) needs in their collection, it’s this oil. No matter your skin type, the hydration and nourishment packed into this antioxidant-rich oil is amazing for everyone. It’s the purest form of marula oil from the marula fruit to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, deeply moisturize, and restore a healthy glow to the skin. It’s one of those you didn’t know you needed and didn’t know how you lived without it before.
The Ordinary Marula Oil

Hydration. Antioxidants. Budget-friendly. 

No you’re not seeing double. I just actually own two Marula Oils from two different companies. Why you ask?? Truly, it was the price tag. If you’re a frequently broke millennial, like myself, the idea of an oil for only $9.90 compared to $72 from the other brand is the best steal after rediscovering how delicious Lunchables truly are (No? Just me?). 

The Ordinary literally has the same exact product (size and everything) as Drunk Elephant for way less. It’s pure Marula Oil that promises to deeply hydrate, create an antioxidant barrier, and give skin a natural glow. I don’t know The Ordinary’s philosophy for their price tag so it’s up to you of which you’d like to buy. I splurged (splurged? Okay Hannah) on The Ordinary when I visited their shop in London and after much gawking with one of my friends. 

Bonus: It’s also great for nourishing all over and even your hair to stop frizz and nourish dry ends!

Anti-aging. Restorative. Glowing. 

This was one of the first high end skincare products I came in contact with because Youtube. It was also the first product I knew from Sunday Riley (look how much I’ve leveled up now). Little did I know that it was a clarifying, cell-turnover boosting, and plumping night oil perfect for anyone wanting to help prevent aging or reverse signs of aging. 

It’s versatile enough to help clear problem skin that sits anywhere between breakouts to reducing texture. With Retinol and Blue Tansy taking the stage, it truly helps plump the skin and bring out a more youthful glow and even complexion. I love how my skin looks after I use this for a couple nights, not that I look thirteen or anything...but I hope I stay looking 20-something forever (I can hope and pray). 

Pro Tip: At Sephora, we recommend giving your skin about two weeks to get used to this oil. It can be intense at first for some, so take your time with each other. Also, store it in a dark place because of that Blue Tansy inside.
Firming. Plumping. Impulsive. 

Honestly, I purchased this in London along with my Marula Oil because it was five pounds. I know about Resveratrol because of Caudalie’s line. It’s a great reversal ingredient for anti-aging and smoothing. Ferulic Acid helps clarify and even tone. I’ve used it a handful of times and I haven’t been that fussed but it’s probably because it’s really not what I need right now!

If you want great aging prevention or anti-aging past the prevention part, this inexpensive serum is the perfect test product to see how your skin reacts to being reversed by five or ten years. Commence the ‘I swear I’m barely 21 but really 31’ movement! 

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