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Friday, October 5, 2018

In my job field, I try my very best not to be biased when it comes to the many brands I come in contact with every day. Sephora may enforce that, but at the end of the day, we’re still women and we’re picky and choosey. Women can be the most indecisive people ever...but we also know what we like. I really work to steer people where they need to go, resulting in a happy marriage of them and whatever skincare I’ve placed in their tender hands. My bathroom could represent the inside of a Sephora skincare section on a much, much smaller scale...however, there’s one brand that has a top spot on my counter (and under my sink). Sunday Riley has earned a permanent spot in my collection and I’m never ever letting her leave me.

My first interaction with Sunday Riley was back in the days of old (2014) when I started watching Youtube, when it still felt like some new age way to watch reality TV but internet version??? Lily Pebbles, Anna from The Anna Edit, you name it, were all talking about Sunday’s OG Luna Sleeping Night Oil or Good Genes. At the time I had no idea what a face oil with Retinol did or what a Good Genes was. I’ve talked about Luna before, now that I’m educated, but it’s a great introductory Retinol with the addition of Blue Tansy to back up any inflammation or irritation in the skin. Good Genes is a serum/treatment that uses Lactic Acid, one of the Big Three acids, to resurface texture and tone of the skin. Easy peasy, let’s leave it there for now.

Now I won’t go on and on until 2019 about Sunday Riley’s acne-prone line. There’s one product I talk about all the time and it’s the U.F.O Ultra Clarifying Face Oil that takes the cake in clearing any and all bumps, zits, and breakouts within an average of two to three days. I love this stuff, apply it every night when I’ve got issues, and I never want to lose it. Read more here if you can’t get enough of me talking about it!

One of the best products I was so excited and giddy to get my hands on was one of Sunday Riley’s moisturizers, if not her OG moisturizer in my book. Tidal is a water cream, has the added benefit of exfoliating, and comes as a lush blue-green texture that feels like comforting and hydrating. I loooooove this and how hydrated I feel without being overfilled like a glass of water. Like, I never stop enjoying it? I only paused on using this because I just wanted to work something else in but she’s still on my counter and loving life!

Not too long ago, Sunday Riley moved aside her quaint range to make room for some new kids on the block, this time to help brighten, lighten, and firm skin. The C.E.O range utilizes a top form of Vitamin C in her moisturizer, serum, and cleansing oil. I’ve used the moisturizer on two separate occasions: twice at my summer camp where the air can be quite dry and catch up with me and in London where I stayed for a week in the heart of the city and I was paranoid af about pollution and getting dry. I would only recommend it to normal, dry, or more mature skin types because it can be a lot. Besides her moisturizer, I’ve gone through a whole bottle of the C.E.O serum before and I was utterly disappointed. It was one of those times where I wanted to love something so bad but at the end I was like, ‘Is that all?’ But my theory is Vitamin C isn’t a must have ingredient for me. At least not yet. Maybe if I had more discoloration or was ten years older, I’d get on with the serum better.

If you haven’t been able to tell, I’m a diehard Sunday Riley fan and user. You haven’t? Well bless your heart, what have you been doing this whole time? I very rarely ever have issues with products in general but two of Sunday’s I’m just not sold on. I’ve used her Martian Water Gel Toner for about two years now and I just can’t be fussed with it anymore. It’s supposed to mattify skin, shrink pores, and help us oily folk out there but I feel like this is just another step in my day routine. It could disappear tomorrow and I wouldn’t blink an eye. Maybe it’s just me?

Just like Tidal, I was buzzing to get my hands on her only cleanser and hero product, Ceramic Slip. This is the most luxurious cleanser you can buy that doesn’t look like anything special. But it’s the bee’s knees with the glamorous oil fighting power inside. Two different types of clay help pull out excess oil and dirt while Neroli oil soothes and Vitamin C ester brightens. Yum. I definitely notice a difference in my skin after using this and can’t wait for a reformulated version coming someday soon (!!).

Another product I lowkey hold a grudge against is her eye cream, Autocorrect. It contains some bomb ingredients like Caffeine, great for erasing dark circles, Horse Chestnut, helps with fine lines (also found in DE’s TLC Night Serum), and Lutein, an antioxidant to brighten. It should be all that and a bag chips right? My biggest pet peeve is the packaging. So extra, I know, but let me live. It’s a downright pain in the butt to use once the product has really started to run out. That’s because of a bag inside that holds the eye cream to guarantee maximum freshness. While Autocorrect’s going to be fresh as Will Smith in Bel Air, you’re going to think you’ve run out of it faster than a potted eye cream. It’s a pain in the butt to yank open too and cut the bag off. Figure out some other way to package this eye cream while ensuring freshness and I’ll stop being whiny.

Just because I’ve written a love letter about Sunday Riley and my love of her skincare products, I would never push them on anyone. You don’t need everything of hers just because I’ve yammered on for what feels like forever. I love Sunday and how much thought, effort, and work she puts into her products. She figures out what’s missing in the market and sets out to make it. Hopefully something’s spoken to you in here or you really had nothing else going on. Until next time, catch me caressing my UFO oil like my first born.

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