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Friday, February 15, 2019

I love mascara. Love it. It’s my favorite part of my makeup routine just like cleansing is in my skincare routine. I always have 5 or 6 on rotation and once one dries out, in pops another. They all serve a purpose within my repurposed Diptyque candle holder (like the blogger I truly am). One of my friends and I love to dish about our latest mascara loves and stories of when we’ve regrettably poked ourselves in the eye with the wand (RT if this is you). We both decided that we’re super high maintenance when it comes to mascara, hence why I can never give a straightforward answer when I’m asked what my favorite mascara is. Depends on the day really!

Hourglass can truly do no wrong in my eyes when it comes to luxury beauty. Their packaging alone screams ‘please take my money, I don’t need to pay my college tuition’ (they’re not that expensive but you feel me). Their original mascara was missable to me. I don’t recall ever using it, touching it, or being around it ever. But I’m not really worried about the original when Caution exists.

Caution came out this past year and rather than invest in another mascara (remember those 6 on rotation? They’re still there), I sat back and watched what the people had to say. I heard some wishy-washy reviews and I wasn’t fussed with the wand. It’s a skinny soft wand enclosed in thick triangular packaging. I love a soft wand, so I was intrigued right away.

Luckily, I was graced with said mascara and it’s earned its place in the Diptyque cup. The first few times I used it, it was layered with something else and I don’t remember being all that impressed. One time, however, blew me away when I went mobile applying mascara. I’m lucky I know my lashes and eyes really well to be able to put mascara on in a car. I’d love to see a man try to do that. After applying in the car, I had these weirdly long lashes that wanted to touch my eyebrows. I still remember someone at work asking me why my lashes were so long. Caution, you little angel!

I like it on its own first and then wiggle a thickening mascara in afterwards. It’s not the best for curl, separation or mega drama but it’s strong in length and volume. Caution really helps bring my lashes up and out, more like drawing attention to my already long lashes that grow out. Now you see why the mascara cocktail exists? I’m still going to keep using this one ‘cos I really do like it!

I had the weirdest experience with Caution one morning. When I unscrewed it, it almost popped out and the wand was globbed with product. Ugh, you know the messy, black glop of doom. Yep, all in the wand and up on the plastic bit. I tried to put it back in and it nearly sank back in the tube. I figured out after wiggling the newly scraped wand off that all the product had somehow slid down into the bottom of the tube. The thing didn’t even want to close when I was done. However, I was determined to fix it (or go steal my mom’s if I failed) so I popped it in the fridge to see if that would right it and sure enough!! I pulled it back out that evening and it was back to normal. I’m hoping it’ll still work and operate the way it should back to room temperature.

Have you tried Caution? Convinced now to give it a go? Hey, it even comes in a mini (!!)

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