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Friday, September 6, 2019

With an internet-based shop and an inability to swatch, you'd be curious too about Kim Kardashian's make up line, wouldn't you? Well I can assure you, anything from KKW Beauty is well worth the money (or Afterpay payments). I ended up picking up one of the best neutral eyeshadow palettes on the market along with a new contour shade, and I'm loving them!

At this point in life, the world, and pop culture, what can't the Kardashians do or slap their names on? Don't be fooled, I love the Kardashians and I respect them for certain reasons. I'm also super selective when it comes to supporting them through buying stuff with their name on it. Document this now but you won't see any Kylie Cosmetics on this blog ever. I don't care for the youngest Kardashian/Jenner nor do I care for any of her products. End of.

I love Kim though. What an icon. She's honestly brilliant and innovative when it comes to her different products or collaborations. Her makeup line has really impressed me because I can tell Kim has had her hand in creating every product, collection, etc. because she loves makeup, the artistry, and playing with it just like I do.

With sooo many options, I played it safe with her Classic eyeshadow palette after using my friend's. This ten pan eyeshadow palette is perfectly balanced with shimmers and mattes that has made it so easy for me to create endless looks with. 

The packaging is the average cardboard kind with a soft close but it's still sturdy enough for travel. The eyeshadows aren't the most buttery or soft but their blend-ability and zero fall out make up for it. I got the Contour shade in #2. It's more of a grey-neutral undertone rather than having a warm undertone like the bronzer in my Filmstar Bronze & Glow. It's really buildable and achieves that sharp cheekbone look, if that's what you're after. I also appreciate the mirrors in both because they're big so you can actually see!

I'm so so so impressed with KKW Beauty that I can't wait to place my next order...whatever that will be! Kim's making beauty and investing in makeup easy with keeping diversity in mind too. Love you Kim!

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