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Saturday, August 30, 2014

I received some gift cards for my birthday since all my friends know how much of a ‘makeup enthusiast’ I am. I knew it was time to make a stop by MAC since I hadn’t made a proper visit in a couple months. I had so much fun during this trip by just trying out everything on my list and eventually picking out what I wanted. My picks are great additions to my eye makeup collection because of their uniqueness to my pre-existing load. My lip-gloss and eyeliner are exciting newcomers to my collection as well since I didn’t own either of these from MAC before.

Texture eye shadow: This is such a unique color and I would have never thought to pick it up until I saw it on one of my favorite blogs, Lily Pebbles. It is described as a peachy brown with some shimmer. It goes on quite warmly and looks wonderful when blended with a chocolate shade in the outer corners of the eyes.

All That Glitters eye shadow: I have seen countless recommendations for this shadow and the woman at MAC said it was a best seller among customers. I have Jest, a white shimmer, and I love it for highlighting. All That Glitters is a warmer neutral with shimmer. It looks great if you want to blend it with other colors or wear it alone for a more neutral eye. I can definitely see myself using a lot of this color.

Handwritten eye shadow: This is an extremely rich chocolate brown matte color that is great for the crease or outer corner. It adds depth with the dark brown to any eye look. It reminds me of a Hershey bar compacted into an eye shadow.

Gilded Thrill Electric Thrill eye shadow: From MAC’s newest collection, A Novel Romance, this creamy textured eye shadow pot may just be my new favorite thing. Mixed between the infamous Paint Pots and Chanel’s D’ombre eye shadows, this little shadow pot is like gold (even the color is gold!). The product is very high in shimmer, rich when applied on with your fingertip, or more sheer when applied with an eye shadow brush. I did blend Gilded Thrill over All That Glitters and loved the outcome of the eye makeup look.

Teddy eyeliner: My first MAC eyeliner and also my first brown eyeliner! This eyeliner is chocolate brown with a bit of shimmer to it, but you can’t tell once it’s on your lid. This eyeliner is very rich and blend-able if you want to build it up or smudge it out.

Nymphette lip glass: This was an actual birthday present from a close family friend. It is also my first lip gloss from MAC since I rarely ever wear anything on my lips. This color is a wonderful neutral and it seems to have a lot of different shades of pinks and oranges in it. It’s not too sticky either; it goes on very smooth and tastes amazing, just as all MAC lip products do.

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