The Primer that Makes You "That Gal"

Friday, November 14, 2014

Primers are like the glue that holds everything together – in terms of my face, that is. I swear by Urban Decay’s for my eyes and I’ve recently switched to Benefit’s “That Gal” brightening face primer for my foundation.
I’ve used Benefit’s other equally nice primer, The Porefessional, but I grew tired of the texture and the look it would sometimes leave on my skin if I didn’t rub it in right. The Porefessional is more of a matte primer that reduces the look of pores and “That Gal” has a silkier texture that helps brighten skin. I chose “That Gal” to help give my skin a brighter and healthier look. It twists up from the base so I can swipe the product directly onto my skin and rub it in. It goes on smooth and is super lightweight – everything you need in a primer. It gives more of a dewy look without giving the full on summer glow, especially since it’s getting into the colder months. This primer has become a staple in my essential makeup collection.

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