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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

After seeing One Direction in September for their Where We Are tour, I figured that was the only time I would be seeing them this year. Luckily, I was wrong. I had the opportunity to go down to Orlando, Florida to see One Direction perform on the Today Show. My mother and I made the familiar trip down to Orlando, one of my favorite places in the world. In the end, this trip was one of my favorites and I’ll always remember it thanks to One Direction.

Once I arrived in Universal, it was almost like a theme park made up of girls. They were everywhere, along with signs announcing One Direction’s arrival for the following morning. I felt terrible for the Universal employees, seeing teenage girls bombard them with questions about the band. To speed things up, I planned on not sleeping that Sunday night. I wouldn’t have been able to anyways due to how nervous I was. I headed out of my hotel, the Cabana Bay Beach Resort (which was on site for the occasion), at 2:20 in the morning. I didn’t get far in waiting but quickly made two new friends, Sophia and Molly. We stuck together for the next seven hours as the sun came up over CityWalk.

We were instructed to go along the grass in front of the Hard Rock Hotel and the big river that cuts CityWalk and Universal in half separated us from the stage. So, my view was dismal. Girls and their parents camped out along the grass and railing, waiting for the boys. After dozing in the grass, the boys finally made an appearance at 5:30 in a boat. They rode around to say hello to fans and at the time, none of us realized Zayn wasn’t there. It was so dark and the sound was so bad across the water, we all assumed Zayn had come too. But due to poor health, Zayn wasn’t able to come but did appear the next night at the VIP fan event.

Soundcheck came and went, with Louis, Niall, Harry, and Liam singing verses from a lot of songs, not revealing which songs exactly they would be singing on the actual show. Then they were gone again, leaving us to relax (not really) in the grass again. The boat cruised back around about a quarter to eight. It was obvious Zayn wasn’t going to show, no matter how much we all hoped. The boys handled his absence in songs really well and I was very impressed. They performed ‘Steal my Girl,’ ‘Best Song Ever,’ ‘Little Things,’ ‘What Makes You Beautiful,’ ‘Night Changes,’ and ‘Story of My Life.’ While I do enjoy these songs, I wish they hadn’t done the older songs. I was there because of Four, the new album, not to hear just the two singles. There was a lot of potential for this performance but it doesn’t stick out to me now that I think about it. It was very unorganized, the quality of sound and sight was poor, and being shuffled across the water to watch was very disappointing. Being unable to see or hear was a let down especially for those of us who traveled from other states, perhaps even other countries, to be there. Universal Studios and One Direction need to work on their planning skills before they have another free performance at the park.

Hopefully One Direction will announce southeast tour dates for the US so I can hope to hear my favorite tracks off Four someday. Four is out now and absolutely, 100 percent worth listening to. Keep an eye out for my review soon, but until then, check out the real thing on iTunes or go buy it at Target!  

All photos taken and provided by my new lovely friend Molly. Thanks a bunch xx

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