The Real Steal

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Label me as the latecomer to the Benefit They’re Real! Push-Up Liner party. This wildly hyped up eyeliner hit the markets this past summer so I sat back to see what everyone else thought before I tried my hand at it. The reviews were surprisingly disappointing, with remarks of flakiness, not easy to use from the application and the packaging itself coming from customers. When I made a recent visit to the Benefit counter, I asked if I could have the liner applied to my eyes. After application, I was pleasantly pleased. The liner stayed on for about ten hours and it didn’t flake, smudge, or run through everything I did that day. So I decided to purchase ‘The Real Steal’ which is a nice little bundle from Benefit. Priced under $25.00, I got a full size They’re Real! mascara, a deluxe sample size of the Push Up liner, and a sample of the makeup remover as well.

I’ve used the mascara before and I used to love it. It’s unfortunately not my top pick in mascara anymore but I highly recommend it to everyone to try. With its plastic wand, it gives loads of volume and length to your lashes, giving the illusion that you’re wearing false lashes. It is really one of the most unique mascaras on the market.

On to the eyeliner, which is really what I am excited about. I used it before heading into work one day. I did have to click it about five or so times to get the product to come up and once it did application was smooth and even. The other unique quality to this liner is the formula. It is classified as a gel inside a pen, which is what I think makes it so easy to use and gives it its staying power. This eyeliner is so easy and precise to use I could do a cat eye with it, which is something I’ve never been able to do. This eyeliner makes it easy to get super close to your lash line and make a perfectly accurate line too. It has incredible staying power and completes any eye look.

The make up remover is another unique product from Benefit. It has a creamy consistency so when it is rubbed into your skin, it almost pulls the product up and off. It’s easy to wipe away, leaving no trace of make up behind.

I would probably pick up a full size eventually especially since it’s a gel liner. If you’re on the fence about all of these products, I recommend purchasing The Real Steal like I did so you can properly try out all three.

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