Finally, the Primer that works

Friday, February 20, 2015

            When painting a house, a room, or anything really, primer is an essential to make everything smooth and have a lasting finish. A proper face primer is just as important; it helps create that super smooth base to make foundation application easier. I’ve wrestled with several different ones but, at last, I think I found the one.
           First of all, I trusted Benefit to assist me in making my skin smoother but from experience, this primer is just not for me anymore. Don’t get me wrong, The Porefessional is a brilliant matte/pore-reducing pick but I wasn’t pleased with the end look after a while.

            So I moved onto another Benefit primer, going for That Gal! This one lies on the opposite end from The Porefessional; this one makes skin appear brighter and smoother. It’s super light weight formula glides on skin and rubs in easily. But once I used my new favorite primer, That Gal was so not That Gal anymore.

            NARS did it for me in the form of the Radiance Enhancing Pro Prime Light Optimizing Primer. I’ve never been disappointed in a NARS product and this one is my new essential. Its creamy formula is rich and gives my skin that smooth and radiant finish I’ve sought after. I’ve been more than happy from the time I put this onto my skin until I take it off at night. It even comes in a 1.1 ounce tube that is perfect for traveling.

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