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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

You know how there are people out there that can't stop buying certain things? Like mugs (okay me), shoes, jeans, cats, I don't know but we all know someone like that. Mine is body washes. I flippin' love a good body wash over a plain bar of soap any day. Also soap freaks me out for some reason...I digress.

Body washes are so much easier to use too. I just pop open the cap, pour some on my loofa (currently light green), lather up and just like that, I'm clean and left with my scent of choice lingering around me. I love them and their practicality, and most of all, their scent.

Let's talk about my incredible adventure to track down the Body Shop's Pinita Colada (not a typo I promise, just look at the bottle!). I first checked the actual Body Shop store in Atlanta last summer to no avail. It seems I was too late getting on the Pinita Colada bandwagon after my favorite bloggers had it sent to them because it sold out by the time real summer started!!! So upsetting!! But alas, fate blessed me in my local Ulta one spring day with a lone bottle of Pinita Colada sitting on the shelf amongst all the clearance rejects (Ulta clearance is literally one of the most unfortunate places to find yourself). I took my bottle home and instantly we were in love via shower and my loofa. It lathers wonderfully even though I didn't have to use a lot. It cleans really well and doesn't just disappear halfway through me washing a leg or something. After all this, and running out of my first bottle (major sob), I stumbled upon two more bottles in a TJ Maxx this past July. Those babies were mine in minutes and now we're living happily ever after...until I run out again

Youtubers are something else these days, am I right? They seem to do everything...and make videos too. Zoe Sugg, aka Zoella, is no exception and also my favorite Youtuber of all time. I love her personality, her taste in all things home and Christmas, and coincidentally, her beauty range. It first launched in 2014 with her original collection, which I loved, then she followed up every year with two new ranges. The most recent from 2016 was Sweet Inspirations. This macaron-scented wonder of a collection is just sweet enough for someone like me.

After my best friend blessed me with a bottle of the Bath Latte and Body Lotion after a trip to London, I steadily worked my way through both for the next six months. I've never ever used up a whole bottle of body wash so fast. Usually I have six sitting under my sink at various levels but this one pretty much lived in my shower until I could no longer wrestle with the tiny amount left in the bottom. Instead, I left the bottle sitting on my counter as a reminded of what once was.

Good news though, this collection is now available on Ulta's website and I am the proud owner of another bottle of the Bath Latte and a fresh bottle of the Body Lotion too. ITS LIT

Some of my other favorite body washes don't come in bottles at all. Instead they come in small jars and wiggle like Jello. Shoutout to Lush's Shower Jellies, these little things are some of my favorite things I own. My favorite, of course, comes from the Christmas collection, called Santa's Belly. Last year it was round (like Santa!!), red, and smelled of festive apples. LOVE. I've also used Whoosh, an energizing citrus-scented teal jelly that makes me feel awake and like I'm on a Grecian vacation (I can dream). This past summer I picked up their newest Shower Jelly called Pink Custard. I wasn't the biggest fan of this neon pink blob of lavender oil and vanilla due to the pinkness getting EVERYWHERE. If the jar wasn't sealed tight enough, anything around it was stained pink and it created quite a mess. So Pink Custard and I are on a hiatus in our relationship right now, soz. (It also looks like it's not sold anymore but it's still hanging around on Lush's Instagram here)

Aside from my top favorites up above, I also love love love Soap & Glory's body washes. Specifically Sugar Crush and Clean Girls. Sugar Crush is a delightful blend of lime, vanilla, and coconut. This stuff smells so good I always wish I could eat it. Clean Girls is on more of the sophisticated clean scent with orchids and vanilla, but sadly, not available in the US. I've come across Molton Brown's body washes before as well and they are heavenly. The lather is on point and the scents are unique, masculine, and stay on my skin even after I get out of the shower. LOVE

I've rambled enough about my favorite body washes...what are yours?

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